3rd Grade Newsletter

January 11th - 15th


Welcome back! We hope you all had a relaxing holiday break!

1. Thursday, January 14th and Friday, January 15th are both HALF DAYS. School dismisses at 12:15. If your child has a transportation change on these days, please make sure to notify your child's teacher or email beckelem@nisdtx.org. All transportation changes must be documented in writing. Thank you for your help with this!

2. There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 18th (student/staff holiday).

We are looking forward to another great week at Beck!

The Third Grade Team

Learning Targets

A Learning Target is the desired goal of each task in which your child will actively be involved. In addition, it engages your child in reflective evaluation of their own performance.

Readers Workshop:

We will review nonfiction text features and elements of non-fiction text so that I can deepen my understanding of informational text. I'll know I have it when I can identify the purpose of text features in non-fiction text as well as determine main ideas and details of information.

Writers Workshop:

We will explore the features of a book review so that we will be able to share our opinions about a book in a way that engages our reader. I'll know I have it when I can create a professional book review to evaluate the non-fiction text I've chosen.

Social Studies:

We will discuss Earth's resources so that we can understand how people use resources to meet their needs. I'll know I have it when I can read and answer questions about the different types of resources in my community and in our country, and how these resources affect agriculture and industry.

Math Workshop:

We will analyze word problems involving fractions so that we can determine what the problem is asking us to do. I'll know I have it when I can correctly solve problems involving fractions.

*District CBA Wednesday on Modules 4-6, Module 6 Summative on Thursday*


We will identify how resources are used so that I can explain how they can lead to pollution. I'll know I have it when I can develop a plan to conserve a resource to decrease pollution.

Upcoming Events

January 13th- Battle of the Books competition, 10am
January 14th- Early Dismissal at 12:15
January 15th- Early Dismissal at 12:15, Donuts With Dad: 7:20-7:45 am in the cafeteria!
January 18th- Student Holiday, no school
January 22nd- 3rd Grade 3rd Six Weeks Awards Assembly- 9:30AM
January 26th- BECKOPOLY! 6:00- 7:30pm, 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Benchmark (students will be taking a released STAAR reading test in order to gather valuable data on their current reading comprehension skills)

Save the date:
Father-Daughter Dance on February 19th from 6-8pm
Beck Elementary Musical "Aladdin" at BNHS on Friday, April 15th @ 7PM (Auditions after school Monday, Feb. 1st and Wednesday, Feb. 3rd)
Beck Talent Show at BNHS Friday, May 6th @ 6:30PM (Auditions after school Thursday, April 7th and Friday, April 8th)
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Time to Order A Yearbook!

You can order your yearbook at www.yearbookordercenter.com our school code is - 14403 OR you can order by phone at 866-362-7750. You can also pay with cash or check made payable to Beck PTA.
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Congratulations to Rohan Verma, Beck's Spelling Bee Champion!!

Congratulations to 3rd grader Rohan Verma on being the school spelling bee champion!!

We also want to congratulate the following 3rd graders who competed today. They all did an amazing job and we are so proud of them!
Rohan Soni (Bell)
Cameron Bryson (Schemmel)
Will Koch (Rocha)
Ryleigh Salle (Kiplinger)
Zoey Bozarth (Stovall)
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Winter Weather Information

As we move into January, we'll probably be experiencing some chilly weather! Please make sure that your child comes to school with a coat, gloves, and scarf when necessary for outdoor recess.

Also, please see the following attachment that helps to answer some FAQ's about "Staying in The Know When it Snows"!

Winter Weather School Information

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested at volunteering at Beck? Please take a moment to fill out the Volunteer Background Check found HERE.

*Please note that all chaperones for field trips must have a completed volunteer background check on file.

Teacher Contact Information

Brytnei Rocha: brocha@nisdtx.org
Kelley Schemmel: kschemmel@nisdtx.org
Emily Stovall: estovall@nisdtx.org
Tracey Kiplinger: tkiplinger@nisdtx.org
Becca Hubbs: rhubbs@nisdtx.org
Maggie Bell: mwalsh@nisdtx.org

Transportation Changes

To ensure your child's transportation changes are met each day, please contact the front office or email Beckelem@nisdtx.org and CC your child's teacher with the changes. It would be best to notify us as early in the day as possible.


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