4th Grade Newsletter

September 19- September 23

Welcome Families! / Bienvenidas familias!

We now include the academic vocabulary we will be covering on our newsletters. Not all words will be covered each week, but at some point during the unit.

What are we learning this week? / ¿Qué estamos aprendiendo esta semana?

Language Arts / Artes De Lenguaje

We will learn about context clues, complete sentences, and work on drafts of our personal narratives.

Estamos aprendiendo a leer por periodos mas largos de tiempo, sobre estrategias de lectura (metacognición) y partes de la oración.


  • context clues

  • text connections

  • complete sentence

  • fragment

  • subject

  • predicate

  • noun

  • verb

Math / Matematicas

We are continuing to learn about decimals to the hundredths place including money.

Estamos aprendiendo sobre el valor relativo o posiciones de los miles de millones.


  • Decimal

  • Value

  • Digit

  • Position

  • Numeral

  • Tenths

  • Hundredths

Science / Ciencias

We will continue our unit on ecosystems and food webs.

Estamos aprendiendo sobre el proceso de investigación científica y las investigaciones basadas.


  • ecosystem

  • organism

  • habitat

  • niche

  • producer

  • sunlight

  • carbon dioxide

  • decomposer

  • consumer

  • food chain

  • food web

  • flow of energy

  • oxygen

  • dependent

  • interdependent

  • relationship

Social Studies / Ciencias Sociales

We are finishing up our research of the 4 regions of Texas and will present our projects.

Continuaremos trabajando y aprendiendo sobre las 4 regiones de Texas.


  • regions

  • Mountains and Basins

  • Great Plains

  • North Central Plains

  • Coastal Plains

  • maps

  • legends

  • compass

  • symbols

  • natural resources

  • landforms

  • climate

  • vegetation

  • population

  • agriculture

  • wildlife

  • habitats


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Math Olympiad

Wilson will once again be sponsoring a Math Olympiad team comprised of fourth and fifth graders. Math Olympiad practice will be held weekly on Friday mornings from 8:30-9:30, so both teacher and parent approval will be required. Math Olympiad is intended for learners who already possess advanced mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills who enjoy a challenge.

Learners who are interested in trying out for the team may obtain an application from their teacher or outside of C101. Completed applications must be submitted to Ms. Koslowski by Wednesday, 9/21.

Tryouts are scheduled as follows:

4th grade: Friday, 9/23 from 8:30-9:30

5th grade: Tuesday, 9/27 from 8:30-9:30

The team will be announced the following Wednesday and our first full practice is scheduled for Friday, 9/30 from 8:30-9:30. Please let Ms. Koslowski know if you have any questions.

Homecoming Parade

Wilson Elementary will be participating in the Homecoming Parade on Wednesday, Sept. 28th at 6:30pm. If your child would like to be a part of this, please fill out the form for each child in your family. One form per child. Click the Homecoming Parade Sign Up.

Drop off: 5:40-6:00pm-Designated area will be sent in an email. Please look for email.

Pick up: Coppell High School parking lot (Be looking for our float)

Please Wear: Wilson Shirt and comfortable, closed toe shoes.

Candy will NOT be provided. If your child would like to hand out candy, please send your child with their own bag of hard candy. (not chocolate)

*Kindergarten & 1st grade will ride the float so they will not need candy, 2nd -5th will walk.*

As we get closer to the date, your child's teacher will send more information about drop off and pick up. Deadline is September 26th to sign up. NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Please send earbuds. For favor envied un par de audifonos.

Learners will need a pair of earbuds for their iPad.

Los estudiantes empezaran a trabajar con iPads probablemente la otra semana. Necesitaran audífonos para usar con el iPad.Gracias!

Upcoming Events

Progress Reports

Monday, Sep. 19th, 3pm

200 South Coppell Road

Coppell, TX

Progress reports go home to learners with an average below 74.

Book Fair

Monday, Sep. 26th, 8am to Friday, Sep. 30th, 3pm

200 South Coppell Road

Coppell, TX

Homecoming Parade

Wednesday, Sep. 28th, 5:45pm

185 West Parkway Boulevard

Coppell, TX

Be sure to fill out the Homecoming permission slip if your child would like to participate.


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