GHS Update

September 9, 2019

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Homecoming Week 2019

Wednesday, September 11, Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally 6:00, Courthouse Square

Friday, September 13, GHS Pep Rally, 6th period

Friday, September 13, Homecoming Game, Leopards vs. Castleberry, 7:30

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Parking Passes

All vehicles parked in the student parking lot will be required to have a parking pass. To obtain a parking pass, the student must bring $5, driver's license, proof of insurance, and picture of their license plate to the front desk. Students must also have a drug testing consent form on file.

Beginning Tuesday, August 27, all vehicles in student parking that do not have the required permit will be formally warned with an orange warning sticker.

Beginning Monday, September 16, all vehicles in student parking without the required permit will be towed.

Thank you for helping us keep our campuses safe and secure!

Parking permit information

Counselors' corner...

Progress reports will be mailed this week! Check your mail. Parent Portal also gives you update access to your student's progress. Please ask for Ms. Williams if you don't already have this tool.

Seniors will be taking the ACT on October 1. Most have already signed up but there is always room for more.

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GHS Floral Club Mum Orders

The GHS Floral Club will be selling mums and garters again this year. Homecoming is September 13. Orders are open and will be accepted through September 9th at 4pm. They may be dropped off in room B406 at GHS. Cash or check is accepted - checks need to be made out to GHS Floral Club. The order form can be found here.

Mums will be delivered to other GISD campuses 9/12. GHS students will pick up mum orders before school on 9/13.

If there are any additional questions, please contact

Leopards victorious, again!

Special thanks to Ms Boswell for the great pics.

Parent Reminders

ENTRANCE: Parents and other visitors to our campus may only enter through the main office on the east side of the building. The gym side doors are for student entry only.

DROP OFF/PICK UP: The parent drop off/pick up is on the west (gym side) of the building. Please use the parking lot to enter and exit. The loop on the south side is for buses only.

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Lady Leopards working hard!

ID Badges

Remember: Student will be required to wear ID badges. It is a campus security measure that are implementing this year. ID Badges must be worn at all times while on campus.
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FOOD Deliveries

Students may have food brought to them from parents, guardians and family members. They may NOT order it and have it delivered.

Cell Phones

We appreciate your support as students get accustomed to the new cell phone policy. It takes an adjustment period but we will continue to keep the instructional focus in our classrooms and hallways.

Just as a reminder:

Cell phone use is prohibited in classrooms, hallways and restrooms. They must be stored or put away during the instructional day.

Cell phones are allowed to be used before 8:15 in the cafeteria AND during a student's assigned lunch period in the cafeteria.

● On the first offense and second offense, the telecommunications device shall be confiscated and then returned to the parent with a warning for the student/parent. The parent and student will sign the written warning.

● On the third offense (and incremental offenses thereafter), a $15 fine shall be required before the telecommunications device is returned. ○ A parent may elect to forgo the fine in place of an alternative deterrent.

■ If the fine is not paid, the student will be required to report to the front office to turn in their electronic device(s) each day for a period of five consecutive school days. The device(s) will be available for student retrieval at the conclusion of each school day for this situation only. All other confiscations must be retrieved by a parent and/or guardian.

Quick Hits

Tuesday, September 10

Volleyball @ Sherman, 5:30

Wednesday, September 11

Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally, 6:00

Friday, September 13

Homecoming Game, Leopards vs. Castleberry, 7:30