Andrew Jackson IS ZERO!!!

President ZERO!!!!!

Worcester Vs. Georgia

Andrew Jackson is a president, and must still follow the rules written in the Constitution. To keep powers balanced, a president can not overrule a supreme court ruling. But however John Marshall, Supreme Court Justice, ruled that the state of Georgia does not have the right to move Native Americans off their land. Andrew Jackson flat out ignored it. That is not permitted! He ignored the fact that we have a limited government!!! What kind of president is that? Not a president that I would want to have.

The Indian Removal Act

The Cherokees were peaceful, and lived happy lives. They did not spark war with the white people, and wanted to fit in with them. But however, the cruel white people did not want them living there. When they found gold, they wanted the Native Americans out. Congress wrote a bill, called the Indian removal act, that was one of the only few bills Andrew Jackson did not veto. He was so happy with this bill. The white people took the very little land that the Cherokees now had, and were going to use it. That is not fair, because the Cherokees have lived in America for thousands of years longer than the white people have. They're humans. They should be treated equally. Anyone who says that the trail of tears was good, because it gives more land to white settlers, and that the Native Americans have their own land now is wrong. People who say that are probably not realizing that the innocent Cherokees were pushed out of their homes by mean white people, and forced to walk to somewhere that was 1000 miles away, and would take years on foot. How would you feel if that happened to you? Thousands of Cherokees died, and were not allowed to live anywhere else. The Indian Removal Act was immoral, and showed the cruelty of humans. Andrew Jackson should have vetoed the bill. But Andrew Jackson didn't care about the Cherokees who died. He just cared about white people and their land. KEEP IN MIND THAT 16000 CHEROKEES WERE FORCED TO MOVE AND 4000 DIED. 4000. MORE PEOPLE IN THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! BUT THE WHITE PEOPLE BACK THEN THOUGHT THAT'S OK, THAT ITS COMPLETELY MORALISTIC. A QUARTER OF CHEROKEES DYING, WOW!!! THEY THINK IT'S OK FOR 4000 PEOPLE TO DIE WHO LIVED THERE 10000 YEARS BEFORE ANYONE.

The Nullification Crisis

Ok, asides from the Native Americans' Removal, Jackson is considered a zero for other things. The tariffs that were imposed were not benefitting the South at all. So South Carolina decided to Nullify this rule, and even took it to the extent of seceding. Ok, so maybe South Carolina was wrong, but Andrew Jackson should have settled it in a less forceful way. He threatened to send the army down to South Carolina, which was a little extreme for a president. In addition, because John C. Calhoun, his vice president at the time wanted to nullify the tariff, Jackson threatened to hang Calhoun, if South Carolina didn't obey. Threatening to hang your vice president, because one state nullified a tariff, is a little extreme. Andrew Jackson clearly abused his power.


Jackson was an immoral person, who supported slavery, and despised Native Americans. He abused his powers by vetoing as many bills as he could, threatening to hang his vice president, and send the army down to South Carolina, and because he shut down the national bank.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency

the political cartoon

The political cartoon above shows a giant Andrew Jackson and small afraid Native Americans. This represents the fact that he thinks he's bigger and better than them, and that they don't deserve to live on the land. This is depicting the cruelty of andrew jackson.