Brandy Cardenas Digital Journal


Of Mice and Men Chapter 3 Fight Scene February 15,2016

The fight scene was an argument mainly between Lennie and Curley. Curley attempts to intimidate Lennie which then leads into the a grand conflict. When all the men were in the bunks Curley comes around to look for his wife. Curley's wife was at the men's bunk earlier and she caught Lennies attention, which left Lennie in amusement and awe. When Curley appeared he saw that Lennie was smiling and asked him what he was smiling about. Previously George had already told Lennie to keep quiet no matter what. Therefore, when Curley was attacking Lennie, Lennie did noting what so ever. However, when George saw what was going on he decided to tell Lennie to attack Curley. When Curley aimed to punch Lennie he hit on the first punch, yet on the second punch that is when Lennie reacted to what George was telling him. Lennie lifted his hand and stopped Curley's fist and squeezed his hand. Leading into the conflict of breaking Curley's hand.