Lenape French Room

March and April 2013


Here are some activities that the kids did while learning to talk about the different things that they do to contribute to the running of the household.


After learning about different household chores, the students practiced saying who was doing them. Each time they caught a ball, wherever their thumb landed told them how to start their chore-doing sentence, such as "My uncle...." and then, based on what I had up on the projector screen, they finished the sentence, such as "...walks the dog."


The students have been learning to talk about aches, injuries, and healthy habits. We've been using songs, dances, and Simon Says competitions, in addition to the regular panoply of spoken and written activities.

It's not a fund-raiser, it's a FUN-raiser!

In the Fall, we had Gummy Eiffel Towers (made, strangely enough, in Belgium). This Spring, we have Eiffel Bonbons (made in France). It's not for raising money; it's just for the fun of it. In the next few days, I'll be sending home information about our next Croissant Day!