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BC weekday

Hello everyone,

It would be a normal week if it was not Spring Break for lots of people.
Me missed James and Peyton the entire week. My boy was home being spoiled by his Brazilian grannies, who are in town. Peyton went to Florida to see granny too. Ben went to Colorado on Thursday to go "skiing". Sorry, we need pictures to prove it. Just saying!!! Ansley only showed up on Thursday; mom was busy busy at the beaches in Hawaii. Allie came the entire week and, because of that, we have lots of pictures of her. She looks happy all the time!

We combined classes with Ms. Charmica's class and it went well.

Music class also went well, although the pictures that I have seem to say otherwise. You will understand when you see them. The kids faces aren't that good. It will be fun to look at.

Guess what?
The eggs in the nest hatched. "My babies" are doing just fine and I already named them after our babies. Funny fact, I don't even know if they are boys or girls. Who cares??? I named them.

Please, pray for us, the teachers. Ms. Monica got a little sick this week, and I did too. Word of advice: don't get on a plane with a sinus and ear infection. It will hurt.

Have a great weekend.

Ms. Priscilla, Ms. Monica, Ms. Joni and Ms. Makeisha