Red Wolf-An Endangered Mammal

Kennedy Petersen NCVPS

Scientific Name

Canis Rufus is the scientific name for this species, but due to the reddish tint, it is called the red wolf.

What North Carolina Region?

More than 50 red wolves call eastern North Carolina. They used to have a large population Texas to Central Missouri.
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Why Is The Red Wolf Endangered?

In the 1960s an intensive predator control programs and a loss of habitat due to human expansion. The wolves are slowly losing land and need to be protected. Another cause for their endangerment is the fact that people hunt for the red wolf.

What Is Being Done?

There are more than 200 wolves across the US living in habitats built by people. And more awareness is being brought to the people attention.
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Why Do They Need Protection?

These animals do no harm to people, and Cherokees even said they were the "wolf-people".

But the fact that they are good with people is not the only reason they need saving. These animals help to balance the Eco-system by controlling the number of herbivores we have to the plant ratio.

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