Children of the Lamp

The Akhenaten Adventure

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John and Philippa are twins, although they couldn't look less alike. John is tall and thin, with straight brown hair. Philippa is short with wavy red hair. But inside their heads, they think alike, and can even finish each other's sentences. Their parents are just as unalike as their children. Layla is six feet tall with an athlete's body, while Edward is just five feet, with grayish hair and tinted glasses. But the four of them are very happy in their large house in New York.

John and Philippa never had bad luck till the day they went to the dentist for a regular checkup, and he discovers that they've both grown their wisdom teeth. Since that shouldn't have happened until they were adults. That means general a visit to the hospital, and while they are unconscious, the twins have the most weird experience of their lives.

It's like they are sharing the same dream, walking along a river that runs down to the sea. A man opens a window and introduces himself as their Uncle Nimrod from London. He is tall, dark, dressed entirely in red, and very excited to be seeing John and Philippa again. He invites them to visit him in London for the summer instead of going to a summer school. Their parents will let them fly over by themselves if they just tell their mother that they want to. But Uncle Nimrod doesn't really explain why their mother won't say no, or why it's so important for them to come to London immediately.

When they arrive in London, their uncle dressed in red, is there to meet them. He explains why their mother let them travel alone, why unexpected things happened to them at home and on the plane, why they had grown their wisdom teeth so early. All these things happened, explains Nimrod, because they are descended from a long line of djinns on their mother's side and their powers began when their wisdom teeth were taken out. Uncle Nimrod has brought them to London so he can teach them how to use their new powers. Or at least that's what he intended to do. But an earthquake in Egypt, a crack in John's bedroom wall had changed Uncle Nimrod's plans.

Djinns knew that it was really based on a very careful balance of good and bad luck, controlled by good and bad tribes of djinn. Somehow the earthquake tilted the luck meter to the bad side, throwing it off-balance. Uncle Nimrod has to go to Egypt and find out why. Of course, he takes John and Philippa with him, to give them their first lessons and where it will do the most good. They are going to need all the luck they can get, because they will have to fight Iblis, the most evil djinn in the universe.


  • John is tall and thin, with straight brown hair. He loves to wear black and dark gray. His main interest is sitting on the chair and watching TV.
  • Philippa is short with wavy red hair. She loves to wear pink and furry clothes and enjoys reading books and learning to cook.
  • Uncle Nimrod likes to wear red and is a djinn. He is the brother of the twins mom.
  • Iblis is a evil djinn and the most powerful evil djinn. He wears black and gold clothes.
  • Mr. Groanin is a servant to Uncle Nimrod. He is short and has one arm.
  • Mr. Rakshasas is a helper and a friend to Uncle Nimrod. He is also a djinn.
  • Mrs. Gaunt is the mom of the twins and the sister of Nimrod. She also has djinn powers but doesn't use them.
  • Mr. Gaunt is the dad to the twins and doesn't have djinn powers.
  • Ms. Trump is the nanny of the twins, John and Philippa.


The story takes place in present time over the course of a summer. The characters travel from New York, London, and Egypt. The twins live in New York and this is where they get their wisdom teeth pulled out. During that surgery they had a dream about their uncle in London. In London they visited their uncle and find out they have djinn powers. In Egypt they have to solve a mystery and beat a great evil named Iblis. Two of the more important locations in this story were the desert in Cairo and the British Museum in London. In the desert they discovered tomb containing information on finding missing djinn that leads them to the museum.

Point of View

My book is in 3rd person point of view.


The theme of this book is do not spend your life wishing for what you do not have. One time this is brought out is through Mr. Groanin. He spent several years trying to think of what his last wish would be. He did not want to waste it or say the wrong thing, so he kept waiting for the "best" wish to come to him when all it did was bring him misery trying to make it the best. Another example was with the twins. They were always wishing to be like their mom because people kept saying how perfect she was at everything. They thought less of themselves trying to be like her. Even when they learned about their special djinn powers they needed to learn to use them wisely, if they got of control with their power it is easier for other djinn to take control of them and their powers. It is important for people to learn to be happy with who they are and to know what is important to them in life, including their family and friends.

Main Conflict

The main conflict brought about in the story is the evil djinn, Iblis, is after the lost djinn of Akhenaten. If he were to find and capture them he would have the power of 50 djinn, both good and evil. With their powers he would have control over the world. John, Philippa and their uncle need to find the lost djinn first in order to save the human race.
The twins have their own conflicts between each other that they have to work through and learn to work together with their uncle in order to beat Iblis. If they did not set their differences aside and learn to get along their uncle would probably be trapped in the tomb forever and they all could have died at different times during their travels.


P.B. Kerr is a British author and has written four "Children of the Lamp" books. He was born in Edinburgh on February 22, 1956 to a Baptist family. Kerr was educated at Melville Collage and at a grammar school at Northampton. He studied at the University of Birmingham from 1974 to 1980. Became a full-time writer in 1989. He writes both adult fiction and non-fiction books.