World War 2

by Iliana Martinez

What was World War II ?

World War 2 was a global war that involved the Allies and Axis. The Allies contained Great Britain , France , Russia and the United States . The Axis contained Germany , Japan , and Italy. It all started by Germany and Japan attacks and taking over other countries.

When did this happen?

World War II happened in September -1939 to August -1947. The United States did not join until , December 1941 , when Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor killing most American fleet.


#1. There was only one known recording of Adolf Hitler talking , using a conversational tone.

#2.During the war , many military trainers came to Texas to train for World War II.

#3.Before the war , only 1/10 Texans graduate high schools ; only 1/5 of Texans had cars ; and 1/6 had radios.

#4.Before the war , women worked at home but during and after the war , they worked in factories like men did.

#5.After the war , Texas economy charged,

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This poster was set up to encourage women to take part in the war. The women in this picture was soon named Rosie the Riveter.


#1. Made texas boom in population during the war.

#2. Made Texas women had a greater role.

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An American plane dropping bombs.


World War II in Europe: Every Day

Key figure

#1. Adolf hitler where the a leaders that began this deadly war.

#2.Hideki tojo was the japan leader during World War II.

why i chose this event

#1. This war was a global war . I wanted to have a greater understanding of why we will attack each other.

#2. This was a big war that many people have witness. I wonder what it was like to live in that time period and now i do.


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