A Noble Gas

Kryptons uses and awesome information.

Krypton is used in many things. For example krypton is used in energy saving fluorescent lights. Another way krypton is used is in lasers with fluorine. These lasers pulse with 500 times more power than the entire U.S. power grid. Krypton is non-toxic but I wouldn't advise inhaling it. From the time that krypton was discovered in 1898 until the 1960's most scientist believed that it was impossible to make compounds of krypton, or any other noble gas. Krypton is not very abundant in our atmosphere, but Krypton-85 in the atmosphere can be used to detect the presence of otherwise unknown nuclear weapons research and production facilities.

Facts about krypton

The name krypton is derived from the Greek word kryptos which means hidden. Krypton was discovered in 1898 by Sir William Ramsey. Its symbol is KR and its Atomic number is 36. Krypton has an atomic mass of 83.798 and a total of 36 Protons, 48 Neutrons, and 36 Electrons. The melting point of krypton is 1157.22 degrees celsius and its boiling point is 153.2 degrees celsius. At room temperature ( which is roughly 22 degrees celius ) krypton is a gas, thus the name Noble Gas. If you were looking to by a gram of krypton it would cost you 33 cents.

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