Power 20 Free

An adaptable fitness app for anyone

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I would in fact recommend this app to my friends. Power 20 can be easily changed depending on how fit you already are. If you have never really exercised then you can change the workout to either make it easier or harder. Although the app only asks how manny push ups you can do so if your core is strong you will not be challenged

Free or pay?

Although I can not see what the payed version offers that the free one does not but it does have a higher review. however, the free version worked just fine for me and did challenge me so I can't see much reason to pay the 2.99 unless you feel the need too.

Middle school benefits

This app can benefit just about any middle school student. With the adjustable settings you can use it even if you don't play sports or exercise. I just put in the amount of push ups I could do and the app gave me a challenging but not too challenging exercise. In general this app will help you handle stress and just feel better. So yes it does have benefits for middle school students.
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Overall I would recommend this App to anyone who is looking for a great workout app.