Captain Lithuim

By Calli James Genest

History of Lithium

  • Discovered in 1817 by John Arfvwedson in stockholm
  • Discovered during a analysis of petalite
  • Name means stone


  • Metal
  • Soft ,silvery, and white
  • Highly reactive doesn't occur freely in nature
  • Reacts with nitrogen at room temperature to create lithium nitrogen
  • Reacts highly with water
  • When the metal burns well flame becomes a brilliant white
  • Used in batteries
  • As a alloy with aluminium,copper,magnesenium and cadium can make high performance aircraft parts
  • lithium carbonate is used in mood stabillizing drug

Element Information

  • Atomic number=3
  • Atomic mass=6.94
  • Element name=Lithium
  • Element symbol=L
  • Number of protons=3
  • Number on neutrons=4
  • Number of electrons=3

Captain Lithium's Powers

  • Can fly
  • Breathes white fire
  • Has a tool belt that has a laser,bomerangs,a cat whistle and a laser gun
  • Has a cat that can fly and meow fire
  • Can change mood of aponet
  • Silver, shiny hair and costume
  • Fire proof suit

Captain Lithium's Weaknesses

  • Ice
  • Water
  • Doctor Boron