Racism occur in our school's activities


Racism occur in our school's activities. You can prevent racism in our schools in a variety of ways, some being in sports. Schools might do a lot of things to stop racism. However how might you respond if someone attempted racial comment comments towards you?
In this article, a teacher was put on leave because of racist rant on facebook. That is a bad influence for students because once a teacher does something wrong such as this, students feel free to do so

In this article a football game was cancelled because of racist graffiti on one of the player's house. I believe that having a graffiti of such kind is highly disrespectful towards the targeted race.

This girl is from a darker race and she is saying that the whiter race is smarter, they get more ad they know more. The reason why she think this is because she hears these things so, she believes them.

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Racism in Schools