5 Classroom Apps

...and how to use them!

1) Strip Designer

Strip Designer is an app that allows students to create their own comic strips either by uploading their own pictures or by drawing new images. The app can be purchased for $2.99.

Specifically, the app could be used as a summarizing tool where students could use the comics for to highlight the main points of literary works that we read in class.
iPad Apps for Education - How to use the Strip Designer in the Classroom - iPad Classroom

2) Voice Thread

Voice Thread is an app that allows students to combine audio and visual to create presentations.

Students could use Voice Thread to make presentations that can be shared with the class later. For example, students might pick a historical figure in a social studies class, and make a voice thread to relay the historical figure's biography to other members in the class.
Example Uses of VoiceThread.com in the Classroom.mp4

3) Popplet

Popplet is an app that allows students to create mind maps and flow charts.

Students could use Popplet during group work to keep track of each group member's ideas. For example, if discussing symbolism in a novel, students might mind map different symbols and their significance.
How to Use Popplet App in the Classroom

4) Word Collage

Word collage is an app that allows students to create collages out of words.

Students could use the app for study prep. Before a language arts exam, students could collage key concepts, characters, themes, etcetera.

5) Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media app where students can pin links to websites that are of interest to them or they can search other pinner's Pinterest boards.

A teacher might create a Pinterest board to add resources for their students. Alternatively, a teacher might create a class Pinterest board where students collaborate at finding and pinning relevant resources.
Pinterest in the Classroom