2016 Music Wish List...

Battle Ground Public Schools

Good afternoon, Marvelous Music Teachers!

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather!

Once again, we have some money set aside for art and music equipment replacement to be shared among you all! I am asking that you submit list of your top three requests for instruments or equipment replacement at your sites with approximate prices. These requests should not be consumable in nature (one-time uses), but rather items that will enhance your ability to provide for the needs of students in a quality arts program over many years.

A special note to middle and high school band teachers: Each year, we try to allocate these funds to you to help you with instrument replacement and acquisition, and each year, your instrument needs often exceed the amount we can give to each of you. As you know, instruments are expensive! I would like you all to consider a couple ideas that I’ve seen work in other districts.

1. You could meet together, create a list of instruments you need, prioritize that list, pool your allocation to purchase these more expensive items, and then share them around the district as you need them based on the pieces you are performing. If you chose to do this over the course of several years, we might actually be able to build up a district inventory of these more expensive and less-used instruments to be shared throughout our district.

2. You could meet together and create the same list as above, pair up with another teacher, pool your allocations, and then decide to alternate who gets the allocation every other year so there’s a larger amount to spend. So for example, teacher A would get both A and B’s allocation to spend on his/her program in year 1 and then teacher B would get the pooled allocation in year 2. We would establish and keep a rotation schedule for this option.

3. Everyone could just keep whatever amount is allocated to them each year as we’ve been doing in the past.

These are just some ideas to help you get those more expensive items that are so often out of your reach.

Everyone, please give this some thought and submit your requests by Wednesday, May 11th!

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Thanks in advance, and have a great day,