By: Kaiden Johnson


This guide will help you learn how to get a baby brother to calm down. It will also help you to learn how to get your mom happy when she is pregnant. It will show you how to get them to go somewhere when they are two to four. I have two brothers. I have a one month old and one is three years old that is turning four soon. So I can help with the annoying things some may do. Also I can help with how to get them to do something for you. For example, maybe you wanted some water or some grapes. It may even be some ice cream. Just remember I have been dealing with this for about four years.

How to Make Your Mom Happy When She Is Pregnant

How you can make your mom happy when she is pregnant is that you need to give her a foot and a shoulder massage. Also get the food that she craves. Also open doors for her and get the groceries out of the car for her. Last thing, get her whatever she wants. Well, I mean that she gave birth to a living thing and would you want a living thing in your stomach.

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How To Get Little Brothers To Calm Down (0 to 4)

To get little brothers to calm down you need to lay down in bed with them and watch a Disney move. (Or other movie they like) Also, you need to stroke there head, and hand them their favorite blanket. Then wait until they fall asleep and then close the door quietly, and silently also get off the bed gently. For a new-born you should give him breast milk, or formula. Then you should burp him, hold him and rock him gently until he calms down or if goes to sleep. Then put him in his bed and play gentle music.

How To Get Little Brothers (1 to 4) To Go Some Where

How to get a little sibling to go somewhere is hard especially if it is a place they don’t want to go. For example: my oldest brother which is three years old hates, I mean hates the dentist. Every time he hears this word he freaks out, but every time he needs to go we say you will get some ice cream at night time. So always tell them that they will get something and don’t lie to him because they will not forget that and they will get mad at you. Word Break

Sibling: a brother or sister

How To Get A Younger Brother (2 to 4) To Get You something

If you want a younger brother to get you something, you will have to tell them you will get something for him then he will get it for you. Also he will not forget that you will get him something. So don’t forget or else he will throw a tantrum. So don’t EVER, EVER do that to tease him. Also give your-self a break because he will not stop crying if you keep teasing him.

Word Break

Tantrum: to throw a fit

How To Get A brother To Go To Sleep

If you want your brother to go to sleep, you have to get him tired by letting him play outside. Then you should get him inside. After that you should give him a nice warm bubble bath, then dry him off and get his P.J.’s on. Then you should put him in bed and turn on the T.V. and put on a show he likes. Last thing wait until he falls asleep, then get off the bed, and close the door silently.


I am thanking you for reading this guide. Also I hope you will tell friends about this guide if they have a younger brother. Also I put pictures of my two little brothers and pictures of my step mom when she was pregnant. I hope you take this guide and consider and use this information to help you.

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