Blue Suits for Men


Royal Blue Suits for Men

The French Emperor, Louis XIV, was the first monarch to prescribe an official dress code for the nobles at his court. Typically, this included coats, vests and breeches – usually made of royal blue and white. Today, this has evolved into the modern royal blue suit. While the traditional form of wear in the sixteenth century involved a lot of jewellery and other embellishments, today royal blue suits are worn in a plain and simple style.

The usual fabric used by tailors to construct royal blue suits was wool. Because wool was a durable, versatile, flexible and elastic material, it was perfect for use in constructing high quality suits. The wool sheared from sheep was further refined by canvas work, knitting, spinning and weaving to come up with varieties like worsted wool and tweed – two common fabrics used for making men’s suits today. The durability of woollen fabric gives it an edge over other fabrics like silk and rayon.

Some tips for wearing royal blue suits to enhance your appearance have been listed below.

• Wear shoes that match your royal blue suit. Ideally well-polished shoes with laces should be worn. The best shoe colours to complement a royal blue suit include a darker shade of brown or black shoes.

• The trousers of the suit should be long enough to cover your socks. If your socks are visible, it is a sure sign that your trouser needs altering. Trousers with pleats or flat fronts are both acceptable.

• The belt should match the colour of the shoes.

• Ensuring that your business shirt and tie combination complement your suit is mandatory. While a classic white shirt with a striped tie will be perfect for pairing with a royal blue suit, other combinations are perfectly acceptable for use too. Make your selections depending on the occasion you plan to wear this suit to.

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