By: Ashley Patrick


Part 1:

An Anti-Hero is a protagonist or other notable figure who is conspicuously lacking in heroic qualities. The Anti-Hero is sometimes the main character in a play who challenges the one who is in power and also challenges society. Some characteristics of an Anti-Hero is someone who is plagued with insecurities, has a selfish side, someone who is rebellious, and against the same common good.

Part 2:

Qualities that Macbeth has is his bravery, ambition, kindness, his treachery, his tyranny, and his imagination. Macbeth ended up going downhill from developing a serious case of paranoia after killing Duncan and seeing his dead body. Macbeth is forced to believe that he is going to be caught and that he is going to end up in "hell". His sense of over-confidence and unchecked ambition and all of the witches prophecies sealed Macbeth's fate and his destruction. Macbeth was very ambitious and courageous but he was also a moral coward which was his overall fatal flaw.

Part 3:

Katniss Everdeen is an example of an Anti-hero in the movie, "The Hunger Games". She was the main character of this intense and electrifying film and she was fighting against the "capitol". She wanted to make the world and the society a better place but ended up hurting people along the way like her closest loved ones who ended up dying. Katniss was successful by winning the actual "Hunger Games", but she was responsible for the ultimate liberation and happiness of all the other individuals around her which ultimately took a toll on her.