Burbank Bulletin

April 8. 2019


We are currently midway into our state-wide assessment testing for English language arts. Last week, our sixth graders took both sessions of their ELA MCAS assessment and 7th graders took the first session of their ELA assessment. This year's assessment is administered online and all students are using their district-assigned Chromebooks to access the test. This week, our 7th graders will complete their testing on Tuesday and 8th graders will complete their testing on Wednesday and Thursday. We have had minimal issues with the online testing platform. Test administration ran seamlessly thanks to the concerted efforts of our students and faculty and the additional support of our instructional technology specialist, Mr. Newton, and our district IT team.

Thank you for your continued support as we collectively provide positive encouragement to our students during our assessment window. Thank you, also, for your support in ensuring your child’s prompt arrival to school each day. Our attendance rates last week were excellent! Thank you!

Additional MCAS testing focusing on math and science/technology engineering will be held in May. As a reminder, the last day for ELA make-up exams for any student, regardless of grade, is May 3.

April vacation is nearly upon us. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate as the forecast ahead suggests. Enjoy!

Best Regards,

Laura Friend


Spring MCAS Testing Schedule

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Dates to Remember

April 9: LBMS School Council, 3:00 PM

April 11: Baseball v. Hudson @ Hudson, 3:30 PM

April 11: Softball v. Ayer-Shirley @ Home, 3:30 PM

April 11: LBMS Spring Concert, 6:30 PM

April 12: Curiosity Cube on Site (Gr. 7 and Gr. 8)

April 15-19: Patriot’s Day, April Vacation

April 23: Baseball/Softball v. Tahanto @ Tahanto, 3:30 PM

April 25: Baseball/Softball v. Florence Sawyer @ Home, 3:30 PM

April 26: School Dance, 6:00-8:00 PM

April 29: Seven Bridge Writers' Collaborative, Poetry Contest Open Mic, Auditorium, 6:30 PM

April 29: Nashoba SINGS! NRHS, 6:30 PM

May 7: LBMS School Council, 3:00 PM

May 21: "Stressed Out Students: Understanding the Impact of Anxiety on Motivation and Learning", SEPAC, Center School, 7:00 PM

May 23: Memorial Day Assembly, 9:00 AM

May 24: Great East Music Festival

May 24: Early Release, Professional Development, 11:30 AM dismissal

May 27: Memorial Day Parade, Time TBA

May 27: Memorial Day, No School

May 28 -May 31: 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

May 28: Digital Safety Presentation for Parents, Florence Sawyer, 6:30 PM

June: Field Day (TBA)

June 17: 8th Grade Recognition, 6:00 PM, Dance to Follow

June 18: Last Day of School (as of today), Early Release (no lunch served)

SPARKING Curiosity in the Next Generation of Scientists, Curiosity Cube to Visit LBMS

On Friday, April 12th, Curiosity Cube, a mobile science lab sponsored by MilliporeSigma a local biological life science company, will be on site. The Cube, whose mission it is “to spark curiosity in the next generation of scientists,” is a 22X10 foot, retrofitted shipping container that has been transformed into a mobile science lab. It features interactive, hands-on science experiments led by MilliporeSigma, allowing students to ask questions and discuss the possibilities of a future career in STEM.

The Curiosity Cube will be set up on the basketball courts near the MRE playground.

The container travels throughout North America visiting schools, summer camps and public spaces, including parks, festivals and museums, to foster engagement in science and an interest in STEM-based careers. To learn more about the Curiosity Cube click here.

We are incredibly excited about this opportunity for our students and look forward to sharing pictures from the Cube's visit in the next Burbank Bulletin.

2019-2020 School Calendar

The Nashoba Regional School District School Committee has approved next year’s school calendar. Click here to access the calendar.

Intramurals in Full Swing

Intramurals are happening and play is open to all. Intramurals are a great way to engage in physical activity and meet new friends.

Mondays: Badminton (2:15-3:00)

Tuesdays: Tennis (2:15-3:00)

Wednesdays: Dodgeball (7:00-7:30); Walk, Jog, Run (2:15-3:00); Badminton (2:15-3:00)

Thursdays: Fitness Training (7:00-7:30); Tennis (2:15-3:00)

Permission slips can be found on the website and in the school office.

"Connecticut Yankee: The Musical"

Last weekend, Luther Burbank Drama performed "Connecticut Yankee: The Musical" to well-attended audiences. The actors on the stage were outstanding and the backstage crew also lent a very important hand to the overall production. A special thank you, as well, to Paula Castner for leading the cast and crew as Drama Director. A job well done by all!

Positive Sign Thursdays Continue!

Our Student Council continues to spread an additional dose of positivity and thankfulness around on Thursdays through Positive Sign Thursdays! Each Thursday, students and staff greet students as they enter the building with a different positive message. Check out these great pictures from recent weeks! (see more pictures @LBMSPrincipal)

#PositiveSignThursday #theLBMSway