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Elements of Inspiration

Elements of Inspiration

Marcus C. Smith, known to the world as Brother Marcus holds a Degree in Business Management from Berkeley College, a diploma in Theology from Urban Academy, Certification from the New York School of the Bible and was a student at Seminary of the East (Bethel Theological Seminary). He was very active within his church in New York as an Elder, Youth Director, former Worship Leader and Mentor. He was also a Substitute teacher for several years in South Jersey.

The vision that God has given to Brother Marcus is to help people believe in themselves now more than ever before and to let them know they are not alone in this journey of life. Bro. Marcus does this by giving Elements of Inspirational words that motivate, encourage and inspire people in all walks of life to strive to be better and always trust God.

At the end of every broadcast, Bro. Marcus, The Radio Show Host Extraordinaire, leaves his faithful listeners with The Elements of Inspirational quotes. Then he signs off with this phrase, "Stay focused everybody, remember God loves you and so do I! It's your Brother talking ... let’s spread that love.”

Currently Brother Marcus is looking for Sponsors to support his www.brothermarcus.com website and his mission to Inspire Millions through Books,Tours, Music and inspirational speaking events. If you are ready to sponsor or make a donation of any kind, you can make a secure online donation via PayPal at marcusc.smith@yahoo.com. Thanks for your support in advance.

Elements of Inspiration Radio Show

The Elements of Inspiration by Brother Marcus are now featured on the following stations:

1. Elements of Inspiration Praise 103.9 www.praisephilly.com Every Sat. 6pm-10pm and Sun. 7pm -11pm

2. Elements of Inspiration Mix Show/Free Agent Radio Every Sat and Sun 11am till Noon

The Daily Dish with Lady Halima:

3. Joy 97 www.joy97.com

4. Freedemradio

5. FFP Radio

6. SOGN Radio

7. WOGS 1039fm

8. PG Network

9. CJB Radio

10. 1100am Atlanta

Please Log onto www.brothermarcus.com for more details on airing times.

( more stations coming soon )

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Brother Marcus and The Elements of Inspiration has been Inspiring hundreds of thousand of people all across America and all around the World. Have Brother Marcus come to your City and Give an inspirational word or Host your Events Please feel Free to call Solid Rock Ent. 609-257-8008 or simply book Brother Marcus online www.brothermarcus.com