history individual project

what did independence mean for singapore

the rise of singapore

On Aug 9, 1965,Singapore was officially separation from Malaysia. Towards the separation ,lot of people felt very worry about Singapore's future.At that time, people don' t know what to do, many of them are consider moving to Malaysia as they think Singapore don't have any natural resources and there no way to survive on his own..i believe at that time they feel very unsure of where they are going to be, so some of them are both scared yet happy at the same time like the immigrant from Chinese and India, they were no longer rule by Malay anymore

But many people still have fait in Singapore, they want to stay and make this their home,for the first time.their are no from Malaysian any more, they believe NDPs that they will bring a better future for Singapore and hope for the best.

After separation, Singapore ahs its own government ,NDPs trying to make Singapore a better place, by teaching people to take pride in there own nation ,be a responsibility citizens of singapore. also through all the racial tension, Singapore aimed for Racial and religious harmony.

For the first time sing pore has its own national day, it's in the Aug 9,to celebrate Singapore's independence , it was held at historical grounds of the Padang. at that day, there's all kind of people had attend the ceremony.Singapore 's first President , Mr. Yusof bin Ishak and Singapore's first Prime Minister , Mr Lee Kuan Yew , were seated with members of the government at the grandstand on the steps of City Hall .there's all kind of performances, Chinese lion dance ,marching band . and at that time Singaporean started to believe that Singapore will have a brighter future. people are all very happy at that day.

People at first were actually very scared of the change that brought to them during the separation, they believe their government, work hard for themselves and of course, making friends from different religious. through self -government, Singapore had received high success towards there own country.