Invasive Species

Gypsy Moth

The scientific name for the Gypsy Moth is

Lymantria dispar dispar


The Gypsy Moth has three forms, The Moth form, The Caterpillar form, and The egg form

Where it's found

The Gypsy Moth is from Europe and Asia. You can find Gypsy Moth's in Southern Ontario

When it invaded

The Gypsy Moth invaded in the 1969. It didn't spread until 1981

How it came to North America

A man by the name Etienne Leopold Trouvelet brang the Gypsy Moths to North America to breed them with silkworms and start a silkworm industry. The moths got out and their numbers grew

What it damages

The Gypsy Moth kills large amounts of trees, getting rid of the many benefits of trees. Caterpillars can chew holes into leaves, leaving them damaged

How the Government combats The Gypsy Moths

The government tried to eradicate the Gypsy Moths from our area but the populaiton just kept growing. Now their plan is to prevent any more Gypsy Moths from getting into Canada while attempting to reduce the population


The Gypsy Moth destroys trees allowing even more insects to destroy them reducing the amount of trees. Tourists will the the destroyed trees and think that we don't care.


I am offering ONE MILLION DOLLERS for a citizen to eradicate the Gypsy Moth population and kick them out of Canada.
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