followers are called christians

About christianity

Christians worship at a church where they teach about Jesus and how he lived a perfect life, how the people waited for him, and how life was effected after Jesus died on the cross. At church they listen to a priest or pastor preach. Christians read and believe in the bible which has two parts. The first one is the time before Jesus came and the second part is about the time when he lived on earth and after he died. Whenever they have someone just born that is like almost a year old they baptize them and then they are inducted into the christian religion. Another thing they do in church is communion where they drink wine for Jesus blood, and eat bread for Jesus blood. They also celebrate two holidays that are very common. One is Christmas where they celebrate Jesus birth by exchanging presents with each other. The other is Easter where they celebrate Jesus coming back to life so they can have eternal life. They celebrate by hunting for eggs and getting candy. Some special places are Jerusalem, and Bethlehem.