WeHo Enrichments 2013-2014

What are your study Units for the Year?

Dear Teaching Staff:

In an effort to streamline the gathering of information we've created an online document where you can easily enter your Curriculum - Units of Study.

Click on the link below to enter info directly on a spreadsheet - or - look for an email from Google Docs. If you need any supplies/resources specifically for your curriculum or PBL project, you can list these on page two of the same document. Kindly input your Study Units by September 6th so we may present them to our Committee.

Our goal is to bring you the best of the amazing Enrichments from years past PLUS new and exciting Enrichment opportunities that support your 2013-2014 curriculum.

A quick reminder:

TARGET GRANT - COMPLETE APPLICATION on your own - or - LET US COMPLETE IT FOR YOU - by clicking on the link, enter your email and password - forward this info and desired destination to us for completion - these are due September 30th - If you are able to submit your own, please forward a PDF. We'd like to submit a duplicate application from a parent.


An FYI - our very own STAR AFTERSCHOOL Program has a new class entitled:

ENGINEERING - AMAZING ARCADE - "inspired by the Imagination Foundation's Cardboard Challenge. Students will engage in the engirneering Design Process to build their own cardboard arcade. Starting with six simple machines, students will learn how to design and construct complex mechanisms for their own arcade games!"


No need to REPLY ALL

Thanks again!!

Angela Galletta

(Joseph Levy's mom)