New England, Philadelphia, and NYC

By Jose Rodriguez

What is the Region? (formal, functional, or perceptual)

New England, Philadelphia, and New York are functional regions. All Three of these cities have different functions to each location. Like for an example, New York is our center control center of the stock market. Also, all of these cities have different ways to make their GNP's. But in conclusion, all of these cities are closely reachable to each other. By high speed railways, airports, and highways which makes it easier to get to place to place.

Visit sites: Boston Massacre and Tea Party, signing of the constitution, Washington D.C. , Williamsburg, Statue of liberty - Ellis Island and 9-11 Memorial.

You could go see the site of the Boston Massacre and the Tea Party room in Philadelphia. Even though the U.S. constitution which was signed in the Constitutional Convention which was written in Philadelphia you can go see it in the Rotunda Of National Archives Building downtown in Washington D.C. Meanwhile, in Virginia you can go see the Williams Burg. Also, you could possibly go into New York harbor to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, or you can travel down time square and go see the 9-11 memorial . All of these popular places are easy to get to by the fast railways, waterways, and highways.

What is the best time to visit? What must be expected in terms of urban population?

All of these places are highly populated because of the pull factors each have. Also, it is never a bad time to visit these historical place
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how id these places play a major role in both the American Revolution and Industrial Revolution?

Washington D.C was the main control center during the American Revolution. Also, like big cites like Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and New England were based off of pull factors of the factories.

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Why was New York, the Twin Towers, considered a target for terrorists?

New York is a very over populated area. In which, it makes itself a high target to terrorists. By the small area but high populated suburbs.