Stop Cyberbullying!

Is your status more important than their feelings?

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is degrading someone on the web or social media. It's also making someone feel less of them self due to rude comments.

Examples of Cyberbullying

  • Mean text messages or emails
  • Rumors sent by email or posted on social networks
  • Embarrassing photos, videos, websites and fake profiles

Three differences between cyberbullying & bullying

  1. Bullying is an imbalance of power. When Cyberbullying, there doesn't need to be an imbalance of power. The bully is just hiding behind a screen.
  2. When someone is being Cyberbullied it's harder to get away from, especially if it's on social media.
  3. Cyberbullying can also be anonymous. If being bullied at school you're aware of who is doing it. On the web just one click of a button and it could be signed anonymous.

Effects of Cyberbullying:

Use of alcohol & drugs

Skipping school

Low self esteem

Making poor grades

Bad health problems

Prevention and Awareness

Adults should be sure to:

  1. be aware of what sites your child/ children are visiting
  2. tell your kids that if you feel any need to look through their online communication you're going to
  3. ask to "friend" or "follow" your child on social media
  4. ask for passwords but be sure to tell them that you'll only use them in case of an emergency
  5. encourage your kids to tell you if they, or some one they know, are being cyberbullied

Establishing rules

  • Don't share anything that's embarrassing or could hurt you/ others.
  • Keep your password safe and something no one else can figure out but you.
  • Think about who you want to see your stuff. Do you want a complete stranger looking at your pictures & activities?

Reporting a Cyberbully

-Don't respond to and don't forward cyberbulling messages.

-Block a person who is cyberbulling

Report to your Online Service Provider

  • Visit social media safety centers to learn how to block users & change settings to control who can contact you.
  • Report bullying to social media site so they can take action against users abusing the terms of service.

Report to your local Law Enforcement

When Cyberbullying consists of these things its considered a crime & should be reported to your local Law Enforcement:

-Threats of violence

-Stalking and hate crimes

-Talking a photo or video of someone where they consider it privacy

Report to your School

  • Cyberbullying can cause an uncomfortable learning environment and is often related to in-person bullying. Schools can use the information to help inform prevention & response strategies.
  • In many states, its required to address Cyberbullying in their anti-bullying policy. Some state laws also cover off-campus behavior if it creates a hostile school environment.