Nuclear Fusion

By: Corin Nosow

Press Release

Today is May 4th, 2016. My name is Corin Nosow. Recently, Myself and my fellow scientists over at Bob's Labratory made a huge discovery in the field of energy. This new type of energy we discovered can create a huge amount of energy with very little fuel. This energy is nuclear energy. It is created through the process called nuclear fusion. Nuclear Fusion creates energy by joining atomic nuclei together such as uranium and plutonium which work best. This releases a lot of energy while using very little fuel. There is another process called nuclear fission that does the same thing except by splitting those nuclei apart instead of joining them together. There are some precautions that needed are not getting close to the place where the energy is being created because the reactants and waste from it are both radioactive, and also not to get out of the place because then it will contaminate the atmopshere and life on earth as well as us. So, we need to be careful about how we approach setting it up.This discovery can drastically increase the amount of energy possible, increase the rate at which it can be produced for places that need it most, it can make energy companies worth a lot more on the market, and can make anything possible in the world of technology.