Room 212 News #4

September 27

Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night at Bryant is Tuesday, September 29th from 6:30-8pm. It begins in the gym at 6:30 with a presentation from Mrs. Heyward, followed by classroom visits. I will be able to share lots of first grade information with you, as well as answer your questions about this school year.

Math and Science

In Math last week we explored different counting strategies, moving on the number line and comparing numbers. Students have learned several math games to reinforce these concepts (Penny Dice, Bunny Hop).

We have been recording daily weather in our Science Journals for a few weeks now! We know that "weather" means how the sky looks and the air feels on our skin. Last week we looked closely at thermometers and observed the way the red liquid rises when warmed. Students are learning to read the classroom thermometer and associate the temperature with how it feels outside.

From the Classroom Library...

Ask your student about his/her own bag of books. Each week books are exchanged for new selections. We use these books for Read to Self or Read to Someone during Guided Reading time, or when other work is completed. Students choose books they enjoy from the classroom library, and soon I will be handing out leveled books for each bag as well.

NWEA Testing

Our fall NWEA testing continues this Wednesday and Thursday morning, with the math portion of the test. This is a computer based test that adjusts the level of difficulty as the student answers questions. I will be encouraging students to take their time and give their best effort throughout the testing period.

Special Schedule

Here are the days we'll be having special classes! Your child needs gym shoes on Monday and Tuesday. Students need to return their library books by Thursday.

Monday: PE

Tuesday: PE and Music

Wednesday: Music - Humanities

Thursday: Music-Humanities and Library

Friday: Art and Music

Apple Tree

Thanks to the many families who have donated items from our classroom apple tree, located on the wall outside the door. We have received tissues, hand sanitizer, pencils, disinfectant wipes, and more!

An Item of interest...

Volunteering - Looking forward to seeing you this year!

Volunteer Certification Form: If you are planning to volunteer with your child’s class, you must complete the Volunteer Certification Form. This form needs to be completed each new school year. Please submit your completed form in person to either the Bryant or Pattengill office, and present your ID. Thank you for assisting our schools with maintaining a safe environment for all Bryant/Pattengill children. Find this form in the office, our classroom, or attached to the PTO Thursday notes.

Dates to Remember:

  • 9/29 Curriculum Night at Bryant 6:30-8pm
  • 10/7 Bryant Picture Day
  • 10/8 PTO meeting at Bryant 6:30-7:30
  • 10/16 Family Movie Night at Bryant 5:30-8pm