CT 4th Period

Drama: a story told in front of an audience.

Elements of Drama:

  • Playwrite- The author of the play
  • Actors- The people who perform the play
  • Acts- The units of action
  • Sceenes- The parts of the acts
  • Dialougue- Multiple characters speaking to eachother
  • Monolouge- A speech by one single character (personal thoughts)
  • Conflict- The internal or external struggle between opposing forces
  • Stage Directions- Directions about what to do on stage
  • Theater- Where a play takes place
  • The Set- How the stage is set up to look like the time period or place that the play is supposed to look like
  • Props- Small moveable objects used by the actors to make their actions look real
  • Characterization- The playwriters technique for creating believable characters