National Honor Society (N.H.S.)

Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service

What is N.H.S?

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

The Four N.H.S. Pillars

  • Character-consists of mental and moral qualities that distinguish an individual from another. Character enables students to do what's right every single day. Students with good character demonstrate respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship in all of their daily actions
  • Leadership-People who possess this characteristic give up their personal interests in order to help others. They demonstrate their leadership skills every day. The ingredients to become a leader are wisdom and self-confidence, if mixed carefully, the outcome would be able to change people's lives. Some examples of leadership can include, but are not limited to, leading group activities in the classroom and in the community, being an officer in a club, being a primary member of the band or choir, or being the captain of a sports team, also count as being a leader.
  • Scholarship-is a desire for learning. In order to obtain this, a student must dedicate all the time necessary to consume knowledge. Not only that, but persistence and effort is required to learn, despite any rewards.
  • Service-is an essential quality all N.H.S. members possess. Basically, they help to benefit others, without obtaining recognition or any form of compensation. As a service club, the National Honor Society is highly concerned with giving its all to the school and community at large.
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N.H.S. Officers

President: Paola Garcia-Zuazua

Vice-President:Isaac Turribiate

Recording Secretary: Victor Villasana

Corresponding Secretary: Lorena Sanchez

Treasurer: Arely Perez

Historian: Mariela Sanchez

Parliamentarians: Erik Chavarria & Erik Lopez

The Best of Beethoven

N.H.S Sponsors!

N.H.S. Requirements.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be apart of N.H.S? Well, for starters you will have to have at least a 92 GPA. Now that you have your GPA at a certain grade, you will need minimum 2 recommendations and an essay.

Before getting inducted into N.H.S. you will need 2 recommendations. Recommendations don't come easy, a teacher needs to see the potential you can bring not only for the organization, but for yourself.

One of the recommendations is that you need to complete a one page essay. The topic is " What can you contribute to N.H.S.?" It is up to you on how you interpret the topic. You have two weeks to write the best essay you ever have written in your life.

After having to turn in your essay you will have an interview, when the board and one sponsor will be hearing what you have to say. The questions they will be asking is based on your essay, for example if you can bring in peace to NHS, they will ask on how will you do that.

If you pass your interview you will receive a little rubber duck, meaning you were inducted to N.H.S. After all the waiting the tranquility comes in and you just have to attend the ceremony and reflect that all your hard work has paid off and you have the right to call yourself a honor student.

Officer 1

Questions and answers


"When i was accepted to N.H.S. it felt okay, i mean i know its a great honor but it felted pretty normal to me. But compare to other people they way they felt they were really accelerated and proud them achieving getting into N.H.S. Due to having the requirements because other clubs do but N.H.S. is more specific. You have to wait your sophomore year to get in and then your Junior year is when you start getting into the gist of N.H.S. So you know i might have felt normal getting accepted to N.H.S. but to other people they were accelerated."


" Keeping all the members in check especially through out the year with the community service and participant hours. I have to make sure all the members are behaving well and that they don't give a bad reputation of N.H.S. especially in C.C. Winn."


" A guiding angel is one of the best things i have ever done.

I love seeing the kids, I love interacting with them especially knowing what I say and do the way i act with them will hopefully change the way they act when they are in memorial or high school and hopefully they take their studies more serious and change the way Eagle Pass is in vision. "

N.H.S. Events.

-Trash Pick Up. N.H.S. members collect trash from the streets, roads and fields. They try to keep their community clean gathering in groups and picking up trash.

-Literacy Night. They also attend elementary schools and read to children. Such acts, inspire young minds to adventure into reading a book. Not only that, but the kids' imaginations expands from the readings and learn to pronounce words.

-Guiding Angels is another community service that N.H.S. offers. They basically go to elementary schools and steer children into a good direction that will benefit them in their future.

Sponsor 1

1.How many years have you been the sponsor of NHS?

"12 years."

2. After all these years, what has been the most challenging part of being a sponsor?

"Getting the students to particapate in community sevice, projects for the sake of giving/helping rather than just for hours."

3. What do you admire the most of being an NHS sponsor?

"Getting to work with wonderful students who are determined and focused on getting a college degree/preparing for their future."

4. Do you have any changes for next year?

"Yes, I will be retiring and a new sponsor may take the NHS in another direction."

N.H.S. Guiding Angels.

Every month they teach them the 7 pilers of character to know what the meaning of the word is for example, "trust-worthy" they play games and many other ideas.You also don't necessary have to take them snacks ,but it is an exception if you do.

Guardian angels are sometimes confused with "spirit guides." A spirit guide is a loving being who has lived upon the earth in human form. This person then received special training in the afterlife about how to become a spirit guide.

Student 1

Questions and answers

1.How did it feel when you were accepted to NHS?

" At first i didn't believe it. Then the first thing I did I called my mom. I was so proud of myself."

2.What do you love the most about NHS?

"Interacting with people."

3. Who is your inspiration?

"My inspiration is miss Mauldin."

4. What is a quote you live by?

"If you want a rainbow, you have to deal with the rain."

N.H.S. Group Photos