fight song service project

umang kaushik

nursing home

when i went to the nursing home it was awesome I love to help people's. They are so kind to me and all my friend that went . I knowed a couple of people's I helped them out I almost helped every one out we moved wheelchair and feed old people and some of them also had interstate story one of the men was in world war 2 he told me how he felt about it and what happened he lost his wife and son and his daughter was the only one who was there I had fun at nursing homes there where nice to me and they also feed metro was cool

Why it important to help people

It is important to help people because if They need something you have to help if you don't they can't and won't live it important to help people because

Best friend foundation

Best friend foundation it a foundation where you help a animal out I picked it because I loved animals and i love to help them in all ways