This is YOUR YEAR!

Let's take a quick look back at 2013!

We sold 4.6 million pieces of style!

at 171 000 Trunk Shows

in 5 countries around the world

BAGS launched in April, and we sold 26 million in bags alone

33,000 Stylists total with 17,000 actively selling

DELIGHT in our VERY OWN Distribution Centre launched this year

363 employees work for YOU in our Home Office

And we are the most independent Business Owner OBSESSED company in the world

$118,000 was earned in ONE MONTH by our FIRST EVER Diamond Director

MANY earned an incremental $1000+ every month

which adds up to FREEDOM for so many while earning on their 'little blue card'

5 MILLION in free jewels were awarded to hard working stylists who can fill up their display without having to put out their hard-earned cash

But our BEST YEAR is still ahead of us! Are you READY to blow it out of the water?

It takes work to make it work, but YOU CAN be a part of our success in the next year!

DREAM BIG BABY! Are you with me?

Let's dig in to how YOU can find your success, your way THIS YEAR!

Have you picked out your samples yet?

Not sure what to pick?

My biggest piece of advice is to STICK to the RECOMMENDED LIST, and of course get what YOU LOVE...

Our team has set out three investment levels, and you can't go wrong when you follow the plan!

NEW line pieces and previous pieces can be refreshed at 50% off.

*discount applies to Stylists who have sold $250 in Q4.

Here's the LIST:

Stylist sampling ends on JANUARY 25th!


Introducing your new Jumpstart! We officially started on 1/9, and ALL STYLISTS are now included in Jumpstart for all!

That means, between January 9th and March 9th, all Stylists will earn unlimited Jumpstart Awards, including the Quickstart Award, Team Building Bonuses and unlimited product credit!

This program has been redesigned to help New Stylists launch their business stronger than ever. Take advantage of the Jumpstart program to earn added rewards during your first 60 days and get your business off to a great start. You can earn unlimited cash and free Product Credit based simply on your personal sales and team sponsoring. How much will YOU earn? It’s up to you when you Book, Sell, and Sponsor—that’s what we call our Circle of Success. Write down your specific goals and keep track of your success. And don’t forget to dream big! Look back at your Envision Your Life Worksheet and your goals to remind yourself of your “why.” Anything is possible when you work hard, stay positive, and believe in yourself.

HOW it breaks down: FREE Jewels + CASH BONUSES!

You can earn unlimited product credit during your Jumpstart, with two types of rewards: Quickstart and Jumpstart Rewards. You are eligible to earn one Quickstart award during first 30 days, and unlimited rewards based on your commissionable sales in your first 60 days!

Quickstart Award: Earn $100 in free product credit when you sell $1,000 Retail Sales in your first 30 days!

In addition to the commission you'll be earning, you can earn UNLIMITED free product credit during your Jumpstart, based on your commissionable sales.

Level 1:Sell $1,000 - $4,999Earn 10% in PC

Level 2:Sell $5,000 - $9,999Earn 15% in PC

Level 3:Sell $10,000+Earn 20% in PC

Team Building Bonus: For every Stylist you sponsor during your Jumpstart, who qualifies by selling $1000 Retail Sales during her Jumpstart, you'll earn $100 in cash on your Little Blue Card! Additionally, when your new Stylist sponsors someone in her Jumpstart, who then qualifies during her Jumpstart - both you andyour new Stylist will get $100 in cash!

What BIG goal do you have your sights set on?

Start thinking girlfriends. What are YOU dreaming about for yourself, your family and your Stella & Dot Business?

$1000 a month?

Quitting your full-time job?

Paying off debt?

Being a STAR, building a team and tripling your income?

Attending Hoopla in Orlando?

if you can DREAM IT, you can DO IT.

Let's start here. Fill out THIS SURVEY and share your goals! Then we can get started with a PLAN to help you get there!


And I DARE YOU to make it a BIG SCARY goal...


Post under THIS PIC on our facebook page, or REPLY to this email when you:

Declare a JanYOUary goal and a 6 month SCARY, make you wanna barf GOAL. (2 entries) What do YOU want to accomplish with your business THIS MONTH, and BEFORE Hoopla?

'I registered/attended my local event' ( 1 entry) *ask me for help here if you need it!

January bookings ( 2 entries )

When you hit $500 (1 entry), $1000 (2 entries), $2308 (3 entries) $5000 (5 entries) sales increments.

SPONSOR (6 entries)

*you must be qualifed at $500 in the month of January to win! GO TEAM!

I'm drawing for NEW LINE PIECES!


Let's start TALKING IT UP!

Our WEEKLY WINNER will receive an AMAZING new item from the SPRING LINE! That's THREE winners this month!!

Plus, another winner will be drawn at random! So, start talking it up! This week's prize is the Avalon BLUSH Perf tote!

And remember, go in BIG with the Opportunity and overcome objections! If it's still a 'no', why not have her do a Trunk Show!? You can fill your calendar and build your team at the same time!

GO TEAM!!!! Let's start tracking our SPONSORING CONVERSATIONS and MAKE IT HAPPEN this year!! XO

Comment on our FB page or REPLY to this email to get your entries in!


Heather McLellan Stony Plain $1,799.55

Karey Mcclure St.Albert $1,391.50

Amanda Wagner Edmonton $1,247.00

Jan Burden St. Albert $1,156.97

Janine Sept Olds $1,113.04

Ilana Zinyk Edmonton $1,057.00

Ashley Honkanen Edmonton $969.10

Deborah Ross Fort St. John $944.50

Shauna Fiddler Slave Lake $881.84

Catherine Maxwell Elnora $846.00

Melissa Dziendzielowski Edmonton $823.02

Lisa Bowes Edmonton $820.00

Jennifer Lychak Sherwood Park $784.10

Jennifer Reynolds Sherwood Park $741.60

Natalie Dyrland Sherwood Park $648.00

Michelle Toner Fort McMurray $632.75

Glenis Toro Edmonton $605.39

Trina Gouthro Truro $588.77

Clarissa Vargo Fort McMurrayABCA$585.20

Kara Andre Tomahawk $553.65

Melissa Burpee Fort McMurray $530.00

Pamela Organ Fort Mcmurray $523.00

Corinne Smereka Spruce Grove $505.20



    And this will be WORTH the effort to attend.

    Want to make something of this opportunity? You literally CANNOT MISS THIS.

    I'm talking airplane, car, bus, bike, CALLING IN SICK, whatever it takes.


    YOU IN??!

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! More details to come! Promise you'll be THE FIRST TO KNOW!

Heather McLellan, Senior Director

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help! I CAN'T WAIT to chat with YOU!