COVID-19 School Closure Update

April 3, 2020

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Moving Forward!!

Dear Dewey Public Schools family:

It seems like the last two weeks have been more like two months. Life is very different and uncertain times are upon us all. However, the last few weeks have made me even more proud to be the Superintendent of Dewey Public Schools. From "wave" parades and grab and go meal service to the dedicated work and planning of our administrators, teachers and support staff, we are committed to making our way through these difficult times and being better for it in the years to come.

We know the path for completing the remainder of the school year has brought sorrow for lost experiences and opportunities. The school staff shares those same sorrows. Nevertheless, resolve requires us to look ahead and that is exactly what we plan to do. Previous communications from school Principals have outlined their Distance Learning Plans and teachers will soon be providing specific information to students. You can access previous school newsletters by clicking the following links:

High School -

Middle School -

Elementary School -

Distance Learning Plans will begin on Monday, April 6th and I would like to call your attention to pertinent information that you'll want to be aware of as we move through the next month.

General Information

  • As the spread of COVID-19 continues to rise in Washington County, please expect Administration Building office and School Building office hours to continue to decrease as we seek to keep essential school personnel safe and healthy. Those notices will be posted continually as they develop.
  • The Administration Building and all school building offices will be open to the public Monday - Wednesday from 10:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M. Phone calls will still be monitored outside of posted office hours.
  • If needing to visit a school building office, it is suggested that you call and set up an appointment time with the Principal as we continue to practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines.
  • Distance Learning for Dewey Public Schools will end for students on May 8th.
  • Graduation ceremony plans are being developed and we anticipate those to be held on May 15th unless something drastically alters the ability to execute the plans.
  • Individual plans are being developed for the completion of student organization fundraisers that were in process at the time of school closure. Those plans will be communicated to those affected groups.
  • Plans will be developed and communicated for picking up students' personal items still in school buildings.
  • Plans for school picture disbursement will be addressed.
  • Plans for the return of school owned property will be communicated as we approach the end of the school year.

Distance Learning
  • District teachers will be available to students and parents during their office hours Monday-Thursday from 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. with email being the preferred method of communication. However, teachers will have home access to their school phone calls if necessary. Specific contact information will be provided by the teachers.
  • Most learning activities will be offered in a virtual format but packets will also be provided at each school for those with poor or no internet connection options.
  • Although Principals and Teachers will continue to communicate their plans, you will be able to access any Dewey Public Schools Distance Learning information via the school website at

We fully understand that learning will occur very differently with these plans. Additionally, change of this magnitude will not occur without bumps in the road. However, I am confident that we can still offer solid learning opportunities for our students We miss our students terribly, but we are trying to make the best of the situation for everyone. As parents and guardians, we thank you for helping us rise to this challenge. We could not do it without you.


Vince Vincent