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The Red River cart was a large two-wheeled cart made entirely of non-metallic materials. Often drawn by oxen , though also by horses or mules , these carts were used throughout most of the 19th century in the fur trade and in westward expansion in canada and the united states in the area of the red river and on the plains west of the red river colony . The cart was a simple conveyance developed by Metis for use in their settlement on the Red River in what later became manitoba.

The Red River cart used by the Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Metis was capable of carrying nearly a thousand pounds of cargo. It could transport this weight faster and several times more efficiently than a horse travois, especially when linked together into a wagon train of several dozen carts. A historical example describes the amazing construction and capacity of the Red River cart. The Red River Carts also did not have good bearings like the tires on your bike or skateboard. The wooden wheel was attached to a wooden axle.The two wooden pieces rubbed against

each other
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  • Sturdy
  • Large, spoked wheels made the carts easy to draw through the tall grasses, rugged terrain, and shallow streams of the Prairie Provinces
  • Constructed entirely of wood and tied together with leather, it could be easily manufactured in the Red River country, where oaks and poplars thrived in river valleys, bison were abundant


  • slow moving
  • makes a bad screatching sound

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