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Fall Family Fun

Fall offers us many chances to get outside and enjoy our community. Go feed the wildlife at the Native Hooved Animal Enclosure, bring your apples and carrots, see link below. Pick fresh local produce like apples, see link below for locations near Lee's Summit. Visit the farmers market on Saturday/Wednesday mornings at 2nd & Douglas (downtown LS). Take part in the Boos, Barks and Badges Halloween Parade. Take a walk outside and find items of fall such as colorful leaves, fallen sticks, spider webs, hedge about each item. Enjoy this last bit of beautiful weather with your little ones. Don't forget, our lovely parks to play in....including the Great Beginnings Early Education Center playground, open after 6:00 PM and on the weekends.

As the weather gets cool, bring those experiences inside with a sensory tub. This is an inexpensive way to provide your child with unique experiences, see info below.

Five Little Apples


Please WAIT!

One of life's greatest challenges is waiting for what we want and need.

Waiting for grandma and grandpa to arrive for a visit. Waiting for dinner to be ready. Waiting for the first snowfall. We may all have a predisposition for patience and impulse control, but learning to wait is definitely a skill that requires practice.

Let's practice together the FUN way with this song from Blue Valley's Anne Meeker-

"I am Waiting" movie and song. We will meet lots of people - and even a doggie-

that are rewarded for patient waiting. We will learn what good waiting looks like,

and enjoy some cool dance moves as we groove to this tune. And the best part is

that your child will enjoy clapping, stomping, reaching for the stars, and "fancy pants

dancing" along with you!

The video included focuses on ways you can help your child learn self-control and self-discipline. These skills are essential for school success.

Apple Tree: "I am Waiting" music video
Nurturing Self-Discipline and Self-Control

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