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May 2015

Fourth Grade Animal Adaptation Research

Fourth grade conducted research focusing on how adaptations enable organisms to survive in their environment. The students scanned QR codes to access multiple online databases. Once students completed their note taking on an animal of their choice they then watched a Discovery Education video about adaptations. To create their final product, fourth graders were given instruction on the use of two different apps on the IPads. They were to choose one of the two apps, either Skitch or Chatterpix to create a final product. The students were required to describe at least three adaptations their animals has and how the adaptation enables the animal to survive.

Battle of the Books

May was a busy month for readers at Northern Hills. The library held four Battle of the Books competitions. Battle of the Books is a reading program to encourage recreational reading. The students read the required books and took a qualifying test on those titles. The top four scorers from each classroom represented their class. The teams answered questions about the books in a game show format.

Second grade kicked off the battle marathon with their annual Fairy/Folk Tale Battle. The winner was Mrs. Leas' Red Riding Hoods. First graders participated in their annual Skippy JonJones battle and Mrs. Ondrias' team was triumphant. Fourth grade battled over 18 chapter books and the winning team was Mrs. McDonald's team. The fourth grade winner went on to represent Northern Hills at the District level and we are so proud of their effort. Third grade closed out the battles with a competition over eight chapter books. The winning team came from Mrs. Dennis's class.

  • There is a copy of next year's 4th grade battle list in with the 3rd grader's report cards.
  • Second graders can find a list of the third grade battle titles for next year in with their report cards.

Kinder Alphabet Fair

Kinder students participated in the first ever Alphabet Fair. The Alphabet Fair was created to strengthen vocabulary. Students played eight different games to "win" words. The goal for the students was to try to win a word for each letter of the alphabet. The games were manned by 3-5 grade library leaders. When a student won a word, the leader would tell them the word and give it to the student to record on their game sheet.

The Alphabet Fair was inspired by the book, A Fabulous Fair Alphabet by Debra Frasier.

What a fun way to celebrate words!

Math in the Library

Kinder and first grade practiced their addition skills after hearing and retelling the story, I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly. They played a cover up game by using two dice and adding up the totals. They really enjoyed the combination of literature and math.
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Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Second grade reviewed their knowledge of nonfiction text features by completing a scavenger hunt. The classroom was divided into teams and each member of the team was responsible for finding the nonfiction text feature and being able to point out where it was located in a book. This fast paced hunt really put the students on their toes.
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Summer Reading!

We want to encourage our students to keep on reading all summer long to avoid the "summer slump". We are offering a Summer Reading Spirit Stick to students who complete 1,000 minutes of reading and turn in their completed forms at the beginning of the school year. The form has been included with all of the student's report cards.

Northeast I.S.D. has complied a district summer reading guide for students and adults alike. In addition, students can earn prizes from businesses and the San Antonio Public Library just by reading.

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  • 998 items were checked out. Kinder-132, 1st-182, 2nd-232, 3rd-78, 4th-118, 5th-218, staff-38
  • 153 walk-ins
  • 44 lessons were taught. Lessons were taught on nonfiction text features, research and sequencing a story.
  • 15 classes came in for check out only.

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