Steve Young

Childhood & Book

When I hear the word great quarterback I think of Steve Young. Steve Young was born in October 11, 1961 in Salt Lake. When Steve was older he moved to Connecticut. When Steve Young wrote his book called “Forever Young” he talked about his early life and his problems in life with other children. He also told of how he became a football player in the hall of fame.

Why Is He Famous? & Other Interesting Facts

He is famous because he helped the 49ers go to the Super Bowl in 1994 and beat the Dallas Cowboys 38-28.He has lots of awards from playing football and breaking records to go to the Hall Of Fame. Young has lots of awards for football like MVP and Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl XXIX. He played for the San Francisco 49ers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Steve Young has had lots of accomplishments and awards in his life. He made it to THE HALL OF FAME in NFL for being an amazing football player in the NFL with 232 TDs, 107 INTs, 33,124 yards in his football life. Steve Young is a legend.