Second Language Acquistion

ESLS 5301

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In just two chapters of the Bible, the phrase “be strong and courageous” pops up seven times.

We can know with every fiber of our being that God exists and that he will be with us every step of the way. Even when the Israelites were promised victory, the struggle was unnerving.

Make no mistake – going from understanding God’s calling to fulfilling God’s calling is not an automatic, easy path. It takes effort. It takes discipline. Even more than that, you will struggle emotionally with doubt and fear.

Whoever said that following our God-given ambitions would be lead to neverending feelings of inspiration and empowerment?

We risk failure and ridicule. We risk losing major investments of time and money. We risk hardship. We risk loneliness. We risk a feeling of worthlessness.

We need to be reminded – all the time – that God is with us. Just like the Israelites, we need to hear this truth repeatedly.

Are you struggling with fear and doubt as your run the race that God has given you?

Be strong and courageous!

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching

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Chapter 1: Language, Learning, and Teaching

Two Language Learners

  • At the beginning of the chapter, two language learners are briefly described.
  • Pair up with someone next to you.
  • Read about your assigned learner.
  • Brainstorm what you speculate may be the cause(s) of success or failure for your assigned learner.
  • What implications might these causes have for teaching second language learners in the classroom?
  • Be prepared to share your findings with the class.
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Questions about SLA (pp. 2-9)

  • Take a few minutes to jot down some key ideas on your chart.
  • Find someone who can help you fill out a section of your chart.
  • Write that person’s name in that section and go on to the next section with another person.
  • Important: You can write a person’s name only once.

Three Schools of Thought

-Consider the three schools of thought described in this chapter.

-In your group, discuss your assigned school of thought.

-Create a chart with the following information:

  • brief description
  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • examples

-Share your chart with the class.

  • What are three important points that you have learned?
  • What is something that squared or agreed with your thinking?
  • What is something still circling in your head?
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Language Learning Experience Entry 1 (p. 19)

  • Read the guidelines for Entry 1.
  • Answer all of the questions and post on Blackboard.