A Child Called It

Dave Pelzer

"One Child's Courage to Survive"

The book A Child Called it is a very sorrowful book about a little boy who gets abused by his own mother. To begin with Dave lived a normal live just like they rest of his brothers. But there was a big change to that at about age four. That's when his mother started to get abusive. Him and his mother, as she liked to called them played many different "games". For example locking him in the bathroom with mixture of clorox and ammonia, trying to make him lay on the stove, and even smearing a dirty diaper in his face and making him eat it. Sometimes his mother would make him sit in front of the mirror and make him say something like "I hate myself" or "I'm a bad boy". And as Dave grew older his punishments would just get worse and worse.

The Ammonia Incident

One night, after Dave's brothers went to bed his mother decided to do something awful that night. Dave could just tell she was planning something dreadful for him because he knew she was drinking a lot. But for some odd reason Dave knew he wasn't going to be beaten. So his mother got up and went under the sink to get a bottle of ammonia. She put the ammonia on the spoon and started walking towards Dave. He didn't know what was going on, he also wasn't afraid because he was to tired. His mother was right next to him and without any hesitation Dave opened his mouth and she shoved it down his throat. As a result to that is legs started to wobble and he began to not be able to breath. His mother began to slap him on the back, which made him able to breath again and right after that he blacked out.