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Grade 9 Cultural Geography Period G


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Globalization, Geography, and a pen

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People live in a location, in a manner, and for a reason because of geography and globalization.

Geography and Globalization affect people's lives.


Globalization is the movement of ideas, products, technology, and culture around the globe embedded in a general free-trade economy.

BIC Cristal Pen

-Made in France

-Made with:

1. High-Quality Plastic (body of pen)

2. Kerosene (ink)

3. Stainless Steel (spring)

4. Tungsten (tip of pen)

BIC Cristal Pen Major Factory- France

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*red patches-large population areas

*black dot-major BIC factory

*black dashed lines-raw materials from countries

Geography affects where the main factory is placed because it is placed in a location with a decent population that can be employed/assist the factory with construction or other jobs, and near several rivers that can be used to transport the finished product or bring in other materials, likely by airplane.

Problems Caused By the Production of Pens

Environmental- BIC Cristal Pens are made with plastic, which is a non-biodegradable substance that can be swallowed by organisms, therefore causing their deaths, and it won't be broken down in nature, therefore causing pollution.

Technological- BIC Cristal Pens are extremely simple while effective, which slows down the need for new technological innovations when there are simple, cheap pen products mass produced.

Cultural- BIC Pens are simple and cheap, causing opportunities for people to choose using them over any traditional writing utensils, such as quills or traditional natural writing utensils.

Economical- BIC Pens are cheap because they are made in other countries, which after the whole process of low-wage workers in the other countries makes a cheap product. The pens being made in the other countries causes less US jobs however, which increases the unemployment rate and weakens our economy.

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A Solution to the Enviromental Problem

A solution to pens being made with plastic could be to make the pens with bio-degradable plastic (can be naturally broken down in nature), which is currently not the case with BIC Cristal Pens, so further pollution of the Earth's environment does not occur. Another solution could be to use recycled plastic to create the pens.
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Positives and Negatives to Globalization


1. Creates more jobs in first/second world countries

2. Increases the connection between countries with trade and communications

3. Helps the USA economy grow and expand over the world

4. Helps second/third world countries

5. Encourages global creativity and innovation

6. Large access to foreign culture


1. Removes jobs from USA

2. Creates the need for more factories which pollute the environment

3. Factories and production centers take up animals'/plants' habitats

4. Encourages sweatshops to produce products cheaper

5. Blends/removes cultural practices

6. Little regulation for working environments/conditions

I am here because of geography.

My parents have jobs with globalization.

How Globalization Relates to Me

Globalization relates to me because globalization creates and takes jobs that my family might get or lose, and it brings food, clothes, technology and products from other countries that I might not be able to access without globalization. I am also affected by negative globalization, with pollution from factories and waste from man-made non-biodegradable products, so that eventually pollution could pollute the skies everywhere, or that so my children could live in a world without certain animal breeds because they went extinct from habitat loss.

Geography Affects People's Lives Because....

Their Location, The Way They Live, and Why They Live Where They Do- People live based on geography because land forms affect the cost of living in areas, what jobs might be in certain areas, and what climate/environmental risks might be poised from living in certain areas. Geography affects how people live because it might be more expensive to live on an island than in an urban area (with transporting goods to remote locations). People living in a certain location is affected by geography because their jobs might be there, and their jobs might be their because it is easier to have a particular business in a particular area, such as fishing near the ocean.

The Future of the USA

Geography possibly will change daily live in 2031 by...

-More Technology in schools (personal computers for all ages, little to no paper handouts)

-Eco-friendly transportation

-Less parks and nature preserves

-Less forests and jungles

-Necessary breathing devices to filter polluted air

-Increased global temperatures

These events and features will be caused by the expansion of factories and cities, new technology, and the need for eco-friendly items with the mass pollution and carbon dioxide releases caused by factories. I think while globalization is good now, for the environmental aspect of the world globalization is bad and could be the end of the natural world for the start of a concrete jungle,

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Some information on this presentation can be found in "Globalization; An Overview of Globalization and Its Positive and Negative Aspects" by Colin Stief. Other information was found in Crash Course World History's Youtube channel.