EA SPORTS Rebranding

By Johnathon Humphreys


The new brand image for EA Sports is still sports games with the best user experience but it will have more or an unrealistic and unnatural feel to the game. By doing this, its changing our target market to more of a younger age group. Instead of the extremely life like games, EA Sports has re branded itself as more on unrealistic sports game creator and publisher. By doing this, EA Sports is attracting more of a younger aged group of kids. Any sports game will attract the normal sports fan, but with the more unrealistic approach, it will attract the younger aged kids who have just started playing video games.
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The slogan used by EA Sports is one of a kind and is known by almost every video game user. The slogan itself which is "EA Sports, Its in the game" can relate to any style of game and because of its popularity, changing it would just hurt the brand and only have negative effects on the brand itself. So by keeping the brands slogan, it allows for EA Sports to still keep their publicity and popularity that has been gained in previous years.

New Products

EA Sports will be releasing many new games that correlate with they're new brand image. Games with a whole bunch of variety to them that appeal to their target market. With they're success already with 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, it clear that more comes similar to that will be releasing from the brand.


The new demographics for EA Sports is younger people and children aged 10-25. Both male and females are in that target market but seeing that boys play and partake in video games more, they are the main focus. The games are affordable so almost any income class can afford to buy these games. Lifestyle these kids are living could be both physical and the sports revolving lifestyle. Or the stay inside and video game based lifestyle.


EA Sports is going after the kids and young adults who spend their leisure time and lifestyles around playing video games. These are the kids that will allow EA to keep creating games and fuel the video game market even further.

New Spokesperson - PewDiePie

PewDiePie aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a YouTube who creates videos of himself playing video games. Currently he is the most popular person on YouTube currently over 44 million subscribers on YouTube. Over 7 million followers on twitter and over 8 million followers on Instagram. Having him as a spokesperson allows for EA to appeal to a massive group of young kids seeing his mass viewers is children and young adults. He himself fits our new brand image because he himself lives around video games. Its people like him that is our main demographic and his massive fan support of similar demographic consumers help promote our new products.
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Event Sponsor - E3

E3 is one of the worlds biggest video game conventions/trade fairs. Being a Tier 1 sponsor for this event will be costly but with over 50,000 people attending the event, the publicity for the new brand image will surely be positive and help the brand grow. This event is aimed towrds all video game players. The two highlighted things are the XBOX ONE and the PS4 both which EA Sports releases games on. The event is full of people that fit perfectly into our target market and main demographic which is what EA Sports wants.


The goals of this promotion plan is to Increase awareness of EA Sports. By sponsoring events, as well as having people endorse the brand, awareness will be gained by people in the market which is what one of the main goals of promotion is. From there, the goal is to arouse desire from the consumer. As soon as this is gained, then EA Sports can succeed with their new brand image. Arousing Desire can come from both our endorsement or our sponsorship of E3. In both cases, our products are being shown off and showed to the world.
The promotional mix is going to include a variety of different promotion elements that will help promote the new brand image. The main way which is Advertising is what is going to be relied on heavily. Advertising is how we get our brand to the world, its how we gain hype around our brand. Without advertising the sales wouldn't compare to a company that has advertised heavily.

Another part of the promotional mix would be publicity. All publicity is good publicity is something that has been said by a lot of people. Similar to what Drake did with "Views" is what EA Sports is going to do. Dropping surprise social media posts and even a surprise simple billboard to gain publicity on social media is a way to generate more buzz around the brand.

Personal Selling is a big part of creating connections between the seller and the consumer. Having EA Sports sponsor events like E3, it allows for the consumer to talk to someone from the brand that will establish a connection between the consumer and the brand which a lot of companies dont do nowadays. Having this creates loyal customers that will keep buying the products year after year which is what a company needs to survive. Brand Loyalty is what EA wants to gain with this new brand image created.

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Why the Changes?

The changes come because of the possibility of more profit and growth as a company. EA Sports is a strong company. Having over four billion dollars in revenue is a great thing to have as a brand. But they are ranked in the 1800's for overall sales of all companies. So there is room to climb and become an even bigger company. Also, in today's sports video game market, all companies are going for the most life like game possible. But there are no companies that are going towards the unrealistic style of sports. Back in the PS2 and Gamecube days, close to every game was this unrealistic style of game that every kid loved. So by having EA doing this, they are going to be the only compnay in the market that sells games like this and will attract the younger audience and even the older audience who remember these games from their childhoods.