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Acton Weekly Update 5/10/19

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Building and Curriculum Updates from Brook

Awards Ceremonies are a little over a week away. I need all certificates and names on the spreadsheet by Wednesday, May 15th.

The Colts will be coming on Field Day for grades 2-5. This is our rescheduled time since they had to cancel.

May 14th is our New Student Orientation for incoming K students or any families new next year to AC. I will be here with them and families will just go around the building finding common areas. Media Center, Art, Music, Gym, Cafeteria, Office, Playground, Bus, and K classrooms. Classroom doors will be locked and shut. Please keep bulletin boards up and hallways clean for our guests.

FTCSC Curriculum Review/ Clarity Checklist

The following are items and practices that should be easily evident and routinely implemented in every classroom (feel free to use it as a checklist):

  • A Brain Smart Start morning meeting in each classroom every day (K-5)
  • Weekly use and collection of district reading logs (K-5) *no loss of recess
  • Daily 5 rotations each and every day (K-5)
  • Continued use of I-charts to support students in expected behaviors and learning choices (K-5)
  • Daily use of Waterford intervention for students who are enrolled in the program. Kindergarten minimum of 15 min/day/ Grades 1-2 minimum of 20 min/day (K-2)
  • Progress monitoring of struggling students (K-5)
  • Timely entering and use of student performance data (K-5)
  • Grade level collaboration through student data/coordination of instruction delivered at appropriate levels across classes at each grade level (K-5)
  • Adherence to building-wide daily schedule (K-5)
  • The posting of Essential Questions from CFA units. Students should be very familiar with these questions and understand how they relate to lessons they are learning each day and week. By the end of the cycle students should be able to correctly answer these questions. Although this (CFA Essential questions) is targeted toward grades 3-5 because of the CFA format, I see clear objectives listed in K-2 classrooms too.
  • Guided Reading Daily with 1 group minimum (K-5)

Literacy Instruction Review: I've been able to get around to many more rooms lately to observe your GR tables and D5 stations. I'm seeing great things and love our progress so far! I do want to offer some gentle reminders and things to keep in mind as we finish out this school year and plan for next year.

Let's work to reduce:

  • Cut and paste activities in D5 stations. How can these be more authentic practice and not as much time spent cutting and pasting.
  • Packets- Worksheet driven packets are not authentic or engaging lessons for students.
  • IA's sitting behind students or walking around. We want them working with students at all times.
  • Grammar taught in isolation. How can we teach and review through literacy?
  • Grading station work. Station work is for practice not grades.
  • Limiting student choice during stations. Let them have choices!

PLEASE Refer to Jen's Coaches Corner for Work On Writing, Word Work, and Read to Self Options other than packets and worksheets.

May 20th is the due date for your PIVOT goals.

Novel-Next year each grade level will go down to only 1 novel. These will be taught during the Q4 C2 window.

The novels will be:

2nd- Who Was Walt Disney

3rd- Boxcar Children

4th- Mrs. Frisby

5th- The Cay


ALL K-5 teachers will be getting a Classroom Library of Pioneer Valley Books for your Guided Reading Table TIme!!!!!! The next time you see Dr. Stevenson please THANK her for working hard to get this for us.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade--The Pioneer Valley website says "Coming Soon!" so your book titles will be available at a later date.

Coach's Corner

I have received several questions about how to configure the literacy block for next year to include 3 GR tables. Page 18 in the GR yellow book has a sample plan for you to use. I also have other resources Brook and I will share next week. The expectation is 3 GR tables within the literacy block. This leaves extensions to address standards and skills that need to be discussed based on your CFA data.

Page 102 also has another great resource. This page discusses how to run a 10 minute GR lesson for those students that you have that do not fit into any of your groups. Sped teachers can also come in and do a 10 minute GR lesson. You can also send your student to a fellow grade level teacher if they have a group your student would fit into.

Thank you to everyone for submitting your CFA data in a timely manner and collaborating with your fellow teammates to decide the best course of action to shore up any standards or skills that have not been mastered.

I am in the process of making a resource library for our IAs and Related Arts teachers so that they will have an arsenal of tools to use when they push into your rooms. I will be training them in 95%, OG, and many other resources I have made for them, that way when they come into your room their work will be intentional and effective by delivering lessons to students based on the exact skills they are struggling with. I am hoping to have the "Grand Opening" at the beginning of the next school year.

The following are great resources for Daily 5. As we do away with worksheets and packets, these videos and PowerPoints will give you plenty of ideas!

Work on Writing

Word Work

Read to Self

Counselor's Corner

Proact Training Slides

Thank you to Sarah and Hilary for the four weeks of ProAct training. Here are their slides that they covered.

Pro-ACT Training

Training #4 Recap

Here are highlights for Session #4.

BIG Ideas:

4 De-escalation Principles

  1. Assertive Communication

  2. Development

  3. Environment

  4. Basic Needs

Assertive Communication

Our goal is to be able to speak with assertion. Using “I” statements and 2 clear choices.

The “I” statement is validation of kids feelings. Kids need to know we are listening.

“I understand you don’t want to sit with the group. You can do (choice 1) or (choice 2).”

Our tone and body language and communicate aggression even when we think we are being assertive.

55% of what kids understand during crisis is non-verbal. Only 35% of words are heard during crisis. Tone, body language, and gestures are non-verbal.

Remember: Our cognition lowers too as the kid escalates from baseline.

Key Points:

Assertive communication does not trigger further escalation.

Don’t give up on a conversation.

Be prepared to repeat your self-control plan and to offer more choices.

Don’t confuse non-compliance with aggression

Basic Needs Model

Physical needs/survival,

Safety and Security,


Self-actualization, Self-esteem, and Love

Violence may be triggered by: a threat to a basic need. An attempt to meet a basic need. An unsuccessful attempt to meet a basic need. Kids are responding to fear and frustration.

Behavior is designed to meet a need.

Try to uncover the underlying behavior and support the client in meeting the need.

We can’t fix every kids needs. We may only be a band-aid. We can give them that space and help them self-regulate.

Fear: Threat reduction to achieve perceived safety

Frustration: Lending control to achieve self-control

Debriefing is a professional way to address a weakness in the primary plan.

PBIS Central

Click here for anything and everything Acton PBIS.

Ohana Calendar

DIBELS EOY Benchmark

Kindergarten Registration

Monday 5/13/19-

  • Brook at School Safety Specialist Training
  • 2nd Grade DIBELS coverage Day
  • TOY SSOY Celebration
Tuesday 5/14/19-
  • Brook at School Safety Specialist Training

  • K DIBELS Coverage Day

  • 3rd Grade Field Trip-Zoo

  • New Student Open House

Wednesday 5/15/19
  • Million Minute Luau during RA
  • WACS assessment- K,1,2 -whenever your team wants to do these. Please make sure you have the chromebook carts checked out if needed.

Thursday 5/16/19

  • 5th grade at Southeastway Park
  • 4th Grade Famous Hoosiers

Friday 5/117/19

  • 2:45 PBIS convocation and Indy Airbears
  • 5th Grade Jam

Coming Soon:

13 2nd grade DIBELS Coverage Day

14 AM Collaboration: Team Focus/ EOY Collaboration; Kindergarten DIBELS Coverage Day; Kindergarten Open House 6-7 PM

15 AM Collaboration: Team Focus/ EOY Collaboration;Million Minute Luau’s during RA times, Primary- WACS assessments, Turn in Class Placement lists, Textbook money and Media Center Items

16 5th grade Field Trip

17 Assembly: Indy Air Bears; 5th grade after school Jam



20 Field Day

21 Field Day Make Up Day/ EOY Celebration Practice during RA

22 Awards Day 1,2,3

23 Awards Day k,4,5, Report Cards completed in IC by Noon LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

24 Teacher Record Day-Transcripts in Cum Files and Summer letters completed, addressed and placed in mailing bundles.

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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