Phillips Friday Focus

October 14, 2016

As we wind down this first quarter, I wanted to revisit our request to greet your students every morning with some interesting research. Many of you are already doing this and I think would agree with the evidence below.

The Research Behind Greeting

R. Allan Allday, University of Kentucky, did two studies (reported in Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 2007 and 2011) based on the door greeter technique he read about in The First Days of School by Henry Wong.

In the classroom where the teacher greeted the students at the door, there was an increase in student engagement from 45 percent to 72 percent. This was recorded when the students worked on the assignment and presented no discipline problems.

In the second study, students got on task faster when they were greeted at the door, in comparison to the control class that was not greeted.

Allan says that in the classroom management class he teaches at the university, his primary focus is on changing teacher behavior, because teacher behavior (the hardest behavior to change in a classroom) impacts student behavior.

I lay my head down at night thankful to be a part of a staff that loves students well, so let's be sure our kiddos know that from the first step inside our school and your classroom.

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What's Ahead...

Oct. 17-First Quarter Common Assessments this week, 6:00 Board meeting

Oct. 18,20-4th grade Guidance lessons, Kara at Region 10 on the 18th

Oct. 19-4th grade GT teaching day

Oct. 20-3rd grade GT teaching day

Oct. 21-Guided Math training all day for Math teachers/1st Quarter ends/Pink out Day

Oct 24-28- Red Ribbon Week

Oct 25-4th grade CoGAT, and 3rd grade make -up day, **2:30-CIP team meeting

Oct. 26-Sunshine luncheon/vision screening

Oct. 27-GT Field Trip,PTO Fall Festival, 6-8

Oct. 28-Donuts with Cops for Red Ribbon Essay winners

Nov. 2-4th grade Writing Benchmark

Nov. 8-Thanksgiving lunch

It's your Birthday!

Oct. 18-Jody Gutierrez