ACT Strategies

Some strategies you need to know for the ACT test!

General Strategies!

1. Skip difficult questions!

2. Quality over quantity!

3. Guessing: when you don't know the answer to a question, choose only one letter and then mark only that letter for the ones you don't know.


1. Annotating: Read through the passage and note the things that are important.

2. Speed Reading: Read through the passage fast once just to get a feel for what it is about, and then go through and read it again.

3. Vocabulary in context: use context clues if you don't know what a certain word is.


1. Eliminate absurd answers choices: There will usually be at least one answer that is definitely not the right choice.

2. Read the underlined portions carefully: The underline portions will sound a little weird and it is crucial that you read through it multiple times.

3. Remember comma/punctuation rules: The test will try to trick you by placing commas and punctuation marks in places that they don't belong.


1. Memorize formulas: There are many formulas to memorize, but they are all important to know for the problems on the test.

2. Write out all of your work: If you show your work, it will make it easier for you to look at the problem and see for sure if you did it right.

3. Draw out the figures for the geometry problems: It will help you a lot more on the story problems if you can actually see the shape.


1. Interpret the graphs: Make sure you understand the graphs before you start answering questions.

2. Annotate the graphs: Take notes on the things that you are reading from the graphs.

3.Review: scientific method & basic science terms such as a control group, or hypothesis.