Come climb with Us!

The Best Shishapangma expaditions anyone has to offer

We have the best sherpas in the world (like the one on the right) have made it to the summit over 5 times

Come to our HQ

our store hours are:

9:00 am-9:00 pm Sun-Sat

We are in Shishpangma base camp

gear you WILL need

-2 Duffel Bags

-1 Large Backpack

-2 Sleeping Bags

-1 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

-1 Ice Axe

-1 Climbing Harness

-6 Carabiners

-1 Helmet

-1 set of Crampons

-1 Avalanche Transceiver

-1 set of Trekking Poles

-1 Mechanical Ascender

-1 Rappel Device

-2 very Warm Hats

-1 Buff to cover the face

-2 pairs of Glacier Goggles

-1 pair of Ski Goggles

-1 Headlamp with Extra Batteries

-1 pair of Lightweight Gloves

-2 pairs of Medium Weight Gloves

-1 pair of Heavyweight Gloves

-1 pair of Work Gloves

-2 Light to Medium Weight Baselayer

-1 Lightweight Insulating Layer

-1 Medium Weight insulating Layer

-1 Hard Shell Rain Coat

-1 Insulated Parka with Hood

-2 Hiking Shirts

-1 pair of Medium weight Baselayer Pants

-1 pair of Climbing Pants

-1 pair of Hard Shell Rain Pants

-1 pair of Lightweight Trekking Pants

-1 pair of Mountaineering Boots

-1 pair of Overboots

-1 pair of Hiking Boots

-1 pair of Lightweight Hiking Shoes

-1 pair of Gaiters for covering Mountaineering Boots

-1 Lip Balm

-1 Sunscreen

-Lots of FOOD

-20 pairs of Chemical Hand Warmers

-2 Water Bottles

-10 packs of Water Purifier

-1 set of Ear Plugs

-1 Everything-Proof Camera

-1 Lighter

-1 Thermos Bottle

-1 Watch with Light and Alarm

-1 personal First Aid Kit

-1 Pocket Knife

-1 Swiss Army Knife

Other Inportant Info for trip

First deposit price - 2500$

Cost in all - 20500$

Purchase Travel Insurance before trip

Shishapangma Mountain Information

Overall height- 8027 meters tall (26,289 feet tall)

1st Trek- May 2nd 1964

The 14th tallest mountain in the world

The only 8,000 meter Mountain completely within Chinese territories