Vasco da Gama

By: Kate O.

A Trade Route to India

Europe wanted to find a trade route to Africa because goods like silk and spices were popular in Europe. For Europe, traveling by land was long and dangerous. Vasco da Gama wanted to find a route to Africa but instead sailed to India and passed Africa. Bartholomeu Dias tried to sail to Africa and he did.

The First Voyage

On the first voyage Vasco da Gama left to got to Lisbon. He had 170 men and 4 ships Sao Gabriel, Sao Rafael, the Berrio and the last ship was used for storage. When he returned from the expidition and came back to Europe he was a hero because he found a trade route to India.

The Trip to India

Vasco da Gama led an expedition on July 8 with the ships of: Sao Gabriel, Sao Rafael, the Berrio and the fourth ship was used for storage.The expedition with all four ships, sailed around the tip of Africa. He landed in India where they traded goods to get profit. After they shipped back to Europe and made profit. When Vasco da Gama came back he was a hero in Europe because he traded those goods. When they were on the voyage back home half of his crew had died due to the longer voyage. He had found the much needed trade route to India.

Then and Now

The trips to other places now are different because they have different tools to see were they are going. Navigators still have compasses to see if they are going North, West, South, and East. Vasco da Gama and his crew used compasses also. The compasses were probably worse since Vasco and his crew sailed to India instead of Africa. Astrolabes are also tools the Vasco and his crew used to navigate the sea. People now use a Lead Line which is used for how deep the water is. They threw it in the water and saw how deep they were in the ocean.
Vasco da Gama - Mini Biography