The Battles They Face

By: Haley Prothero


The Dead:

These hearts were woven of human joys and cares,

Washed marvellously with sorrow, swift to mirth.

The years had given them kindness. Dawn was theirs,

And sunset, and the colours of the earth.

Slumber and walking; loved; gone proudly friended;

Felt the quick stir of wonder; sat alone;

Touched flowers and furs and cheeks. All this is ended

There are waters blown by changing winds to laughter

And lit by the rich skies, all day. And after,

Frost, with a gesture, stays the waves that dance

And wandering loveliness. He leaves a white

Unbroken glory, a gathered radiance,

A width, a shinning peace, under the light.

World War One:

Gone, Gone Again:

Gone, gone again,

May, June, July

And august gone,

Again gone by,

Not memorable

Save that i saw them go,

As past the empty quays

The rivers flow.

And now again.

In the harvest rain,

The Blenheim oranges

Fall grubby from the trees

As when I was young

And when the lost one was here

And when the war began

To turn young men to dung.

Look at the old house,

Outmoded, dignified,

Dark and untenanted,

With grass growing instead

Of the footsteps of life,

The friendliness, the strife;

In its beds have lain

Youth. love, age, and pain:

I am something like that;

Only i am not dead,

Still breathing and interested

In the house that is not dark:--

I am something like that:

Not one pane to reflect the sun,

For the schoolboys to throw at--

They have broken everyone.

Changes Overtime:

Citizens of their countries were once happy and filled with joy to fight for their country because they knew it was the right thing to do but as years went on they found that the war was actually taking everything they had away from them. All the good memories and the war zone was trashed leaving them scared for life.