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Places of Interest

Arkansas has lots of famous places. One of the places is hot springs. Hot Springs is known for going to bath in it. It is when hot water shots from the ground. Another place is the Ozarks mountain. The Ozarks mountains you can go hiking, go fishing is the rivers and swim next to waterfalls. There are other places to go like lake Ouachita.

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Hot Springs

Natural Resources

Arkansas is home to lots Natural Resources. This state grows lots of stuff, for instance, they grow cotton to make cloths, corn to make popcorn, wheat to make bread, and oil to make gas.

Live Stock is very popular in Arkansas. People love to see the white tailed deer. Sometimes People might even go fishing or go hunting.

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Agriculture is very big in Arkansas. Arkansas is the oldest grape juice and wine producing state. This stat is home to 23,442 farms with 822,222 cows. Also, they are the second state in the U.S.A to have a Agriculture Department. This state does lots of timber industry. This Timber industry was developed after the Civil War. Since there were so many trees, it made it possible to produce Kraft paper, News paper, chemicals, charcoal, and many other things.

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Physical Features

Some of the best physical features are mountains, fivers, valleys, and lakes. Buffalo river is a river that flows through the Ozarks and white river, and it is also one of the most popular tourist attraction. The Ozarks is the most tourist aeration. There are sparkling rivers, water falls, lakes filed with fish biking trails, hiking, and some caverns.
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Arkansas Trivia

  • Little Rock.
  • Arkansas contains more than 60000 acres of lake.
  • 9700 miles of stream.
  • Buffalo River on of the few remaining free-flowing.
  • Ozarks covers more than one million acres.
  • 6 nation parks.

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