National Parks

National parks should be protected.

Do you think national parks should be protected? Well, I do.

National parks protect a safe home for flora (plants) and fauna (animals). Some flora and fauna are only found in national parks which means that not protecting national parks can affect the plants and animals in national parks.
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National parks keep the air and water clean. The trees and plants in national parks give us oxygen to breathe through. National parks have stunning landscapes extraordinary wildlife and majestic forests.
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National parks are places of natural beauty. they are places for people to relax in and enjoy. Many people have fun bushwalking, camping or having a picnic, swimming, skiing, painting, enjoying the view and taking in fresh air. So not protecting national parks means your not getting to do these things.
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In conclusion, there are many good reasons for having national parks. They provide a safe home for native plants and animals, are places where people can enjoy, and national parks keep the air and water clean.